BAUSELE Vintage Collection

Mirroring Australia’s vibrant nightlife Bausele have created this vintage style companion to enhance your everyday style and take you confidently from the office to the bar next door. The Vintage look timepiece offers a unique experience built to accompany the wrist of only the most discerning of clientele. Combining a modern design with cultured heritage the Vintage Collection oozes style and sophistication.

The Vintage Collection from BAUSELE is symbolic of Australia’s vibrant spirit and breathtaking beauty.

Natural Australian elements are also incorporated into the crown of this timeless design – a feature unique to Bausele- so you’ll always have a piece of Australia with you, wherever life takes you. Made with the finest quality materials and supreme craftsmanship, this designer timepiece is a testament to Bausele’s belief in combining fashion forward design with quality manufacturing to provide the ultimate consumer experience.

This modern day Swiss made classic features sophisticated features such as water resistance up to 200m, date display and a 36mm face bearing the Insignia of the BAUSELE brand and the Australian name itself on a smooth square face, this designer model is a customised tribute complete with the finest of quality materials.

The Vintage comes in sleek black, rose gold, black and rose gold and stainless steel colour options, RRP $590.00.

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