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MOI Na Jeon Chil Gee Watch

MOI watch, a Korean watchmaking company, presents “MOI Na Jeon Chil Gee Watch” to the world.  Na Jeon Chil Gee stands for the Lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl.

“MOI Na Jeon Chil Gee Watch” is the first company to apply Na Jeon Chil Gee as a valuable Korean Traditional Technology, into a watch. In this beautiful timepiece, the watch maker express the Crocket Pattern (Ivy Pattern) called as “Dang Cho”, which represents “success”, “prosperity”, “fecundity”, “longevity”, “wealth and honor”, utilizing the Na Jeon Chil Gee technique, a Korean Traditional Technology of arts.

MOI watch has used the “Lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl” technology to the Dial, the Sides of the Cases and the back of the movement delicately. The beauty of Korean Traditional Technology in a watchmaking has been drawing the attention of lots of watchmaking industry and relevant experts.

Na Jeon and Ott-Chil are the Korean Technologies that has been lasting for thousands of years. Na Jeon technology is slicing the mother of pearl delicately and Ott-Chil (Natural Lacquer collected from Lacquer Tree) is the most splendid and unique Technology of Korea.

Korean-Lacquered products have been developed for a long time without being discoloured and with function of anti-bacteria too.  The combination of these two technologies is called “Na Jeon Chil Gee”.

To realize the Dang Cho pattern in Na Jeon Chil Gee technology is one the most sophisticated technology.  To this end, Master Craftsman needs to paint with lacquer and dry and even sharpen them for a long time, which demonstrates the Korean craftsmanship of MOI Watch Corporation.

In particular, Dang Cho pattern development needs careful attention of the Master Craftsman as it is entirely handmade. The back of the movement is lacquered, this technology is also very difficult to develop, that should be done by a Master Craftsman.

Ott-Chil is crafted by master craftsman designated as an intangible cultural asset by the Korean Government, and Na Jeon is crafted by a number one craftsman in the field.

Technical details

Model: MOI Na Jeon Chil Gee Watch

Material:  316L SS / Lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl ver.
Diameter:  42mm / 44mm (with crown)
Thickness (With Glasses):  10mm
Water Resistance: 50m

ETA 6497 / PTS 9011 / Lacquerware ver.
Type: Hand-wound
Frequency: 18’000v/h
Power reserve: 40H

Hours, minute

Lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl Technology Artwork by korea intangible cultural assets and masters

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