Franck Muller Backswing™ V 45 C GOLF TTBC.NR

Swiss luxury watch maker Franck Muller dedicates its new Backswing™ collection to golf enthusiasts.

The Backswing™ collection features the essential golf aesthetic attributes: the case as well as the dial has been machined to get the continuous appearance of a golf ball. The iconic green and orange colors both used on the dial and on the case enhance the functional attributes of the watch.

Thanks to a central swing counter, the owner of the Backswing™ will be able to keep a record of all his strokes. The visible and colored «score» and «reset» push buttons enable the setting of this counter. It is visible all day long through its open-worked hands adorned with luminova. The lucky owner of this exciting and efficient Backswing™ watch will beat new records.

The Franck Muller Backswing watch also offers resistance to shocks; indeed, the casing ring made with insert in silicone will absorb and cushion the vibrations.

Final aesthetic touch, the rubber and leather strap that completes the watch is adorned with a stamped golf ball pattern to harmoniously match the case and the dial of this sporty watch.

The Backswing™ collection is available in titanium and stainless steel.

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