Roger Dubuis Blossom Velvet Pink

To be unveiled at SIHH 2016 haute horlogerie event, the Blossom Velvet Pink by Roger Dubuis is the quintessence of blooming femininity, a multi-petalled expression of sensuality and glamour.

Vividly highlighting the jewellery expertise cultivated by Roger Dubuis, the Velvet collection pays triumphant homage to the timeless beauty of womanhood in all its multiple facets. Having previously provided tantalising glimpses of its uncanny ability to speak to the female heart and soul through the Velvet collection, Roger Dubuis is unleashing the full force of its seductive powers at the SIHH 2016 with five distinctive lines reflecting five facets of the Roger Dubuis woman: These intrinsically sophisticated and dressy timepieces epitomise the ravishing charm of elegant and sophisticated “femmes fatales” with their strong personality and their taste for precious and exclusive horology.

The horological expertise cultivated by Roger Dubuis and clearly evidenced in its loyalty to the Poinçon de Genève standards of watchmaking excellence, also translates into a determination to present a firmly mechanical ‘fist’ inside the Velvet glove. This is done by providing movements designed for women sensitive to the inner and outer beauty of their timepiece: natural-born Divas who instinctively transcend clichés and expect a timepiece that quite literally has it all.

The Blossom Velvet Pink is an anthem to floral fantasies that encapsulates the mysterious, instinctively possessive and captivatingly sensuous facets of feline femininity. Its exquisitely sculpted and engraved mother-of-pearl marquetry motif takes time into a dimension where counting the hours and minutes is replaced by serene contemplation of blooming nature.

Combining a soft, floral exterior with the sharp mischief of the Diva’s inner felinity, Blossom Velvet Pink is the quintessence of blooming femininity, a multi-petal expression of sensuality and glamour.

Above and beyond its floral name and motif, the Blossom Velvet subtly hints at the feline facet of female nature. Captivating, possessive, instinctive and mysterious, the Blossom Velvet conceals its innermost instincts beneath a demure and dainty exterior.

The Blossom Velvet Pink depicts wild blooms that transcend any specific geographic location by appealing to the imagination and its indefinable floral fantasies, even conjuring up visions of powerful jungle vines beneath dazzling exotic flowers.  The 36 mm pink gold case is rimmed with two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds adorning the bezel and lugs, transforming the Velvet’s classic central “third lug” into a precious link. These sparkling gems surround the characteristic split-level mother-of-pearl dial graced with an engraved and sculpted floral marquetry motif. The signature Velvet central tonneau or barrel shape – contributing to its trompe l’oeil effect and swept over by the hours and minutes hands – is delicately accentuated by diamonds.

The exquisite blooms rest on dainty scrolling patterns evoking delicate stems and tendrils. Gifted artisans have played with softly curved shapes and subtle shades of pink to form a unique floral décor skilfully fashioned from an exceptionally thick plate of Grand Feu enamel. This method implied finding the exact pigments required for each subtly graded shade of the flowers and leaves. While laser cutting ensures the optimal precision one expects in high-end watchmaking, it is the polisher’s meticulous hand finishing that softens the shapes and ensures a delightfully gentle visual impression.

These exquisite blooms rest on dainty scrolling patterns evoking delicate stems and tendrils. At the heart of each sparkles a diamond in a prong-free gold-tube bezel setting inserted into the centre of the flower, once again showcasing the Haute Joalllerie expertise cultivated by the Manufacture.

Beneath this vibrantly “alive” dial with its clever depth effects ticks a mechanical self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve, Calibre RD821 bearing the iconic Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. It beats to the tune of Roger Dubuis’ keen awareness that women who love aesthetic beauty also appreciate technical refinement. They can be every bit as instinctively possessive and mysterious about the time they keep as they are about the company they keep.

Firmly yet softly embracing the curves of the feminine wrist, the shimmering satin-finish fabric strap – in a blushing pink matching the dial – provides a perfectly smooth, lustrous backdrop for the 154 diamonds (totalling approx.1.9 carats) and the elaborately ornamental dial. It is clasped in place by a pink gold adjustable folding buckle set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

This floral wonder composing a poetic anthem to womanhood with all its subtly feline undertones is issued in an 88-piece edition.

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