ArtyA Son of Sound Tourbillon

ArtyA, the Geneva brand specialized in the manufacturing of horological sensations and singularly disruptive creations, launches “ArtyA Complications”, its first ever collection of complications. The Son of Sound Tourbillon is the first unique piece in this new collection. This elegant timepiece features a tourbillon that’s 100% Made in Geneva – and exclusive to ArtyA. First in a series of ten unique pieces, it will showcase engraving, wood, set jewels, and more.

ArtyA has already hinted at the shape of things to come with a few unique watches. The most recent of these, the Arabesque Tourbillon, demonstrates how ArtyA canstep out of the conventional box of mechanical complications, and extrapolate the idea to an artistic complication. The Arabesque Tourbillon was a world first: a case completely engraved in Grade 5 Titanium, set within a second, unique gold-leaf piece.

The starting-point for the ArtyA’s new Complications collection is its in-house tourbillon, already found in many of the brand’s models. Reliable and modular, it will become available for pieces from within certain existing series, which will then feature in the new Complications collection. Son of Sound, the legendary, patented guitar watch by ArtyA, is the first timepiece to be joining this new family.

The Son of Sound Tourbillon retains its unique aesthetic signature – a guitar-shaped case, patented by ArtyA. At six o’clock, this version features a flying tourbillon displaying the passing seconds. This is the work of MHC, Manufacture d’Horlogerie Contemporaine. Opposite it, at twelve, is the barrel, with a fully redesigned bridge. The assembly is housed in a fully open-work X-shaped structure, inspired by the X-bracing used to support guitar bodies.

This structure houses the entire movement, allowing the Son of Sound Tourbillon to be hollowed out between each arm of the X. The watch is therefore literally transfused with light, revealing all the intricate details of its polished and satin finishes, and blending subtle shades of grey.

Technical details
High-grade 316 L steel
Open back
Two non-reflective sapphire crystals, front and back
Hours, minutes, seconds on tourbillon
Case dimensions: 37×49 mm, depth: 15mm
Steel casing
Bezel: 316 L steel
Case middle: 316 L steel
Rear: 316 L steel
Crown: 316 L steel
Crown wheel ring: 316 L steel

Exclusive ArtyA flying tourbillon made by MHC, manual winding
19 Jewels
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Power reserve: 100 hrs
Bridges form an X shape, 4 different levels
Rear bridges with 2 levels
Design of the barrel balances the tourbillon cage
Tourbillon cage bridges recall the exclusive design of the watch hands
One crown for setting the time and winding, shaped like a guitar tuning peg
Plate: Black gold
Satin finish top and bottom / all mountings pearled / polished angles / drawn rims
Monobloc bridges
Colour : Black gold / rhodium-plated recesses
Styling (visible side) 12 o’clock/6 o’clock satin finish / glass beaded recesses / polished angles / drawn rim
Styling (rear side): All mountings pearled
Engraving: Rhodium-plated /glass beaded
Going train: Rhodium-plated / pearled top and bottom / angle polished arm / polished mouldings (where present)
Cover: Rhodium-plated / polished angle / pearled
Drum: Rhodium-plated / pearled
Ratchet: Pearled
Hour wheel: Rhodium-plated / pearled

– Upper bridge: Fine polished top / pearled underside / polished angles / drawn rim
– Lower bridge: Pearled top and bottom / polished angles / drawn rim
– Balance wheel: 5N gold / polished angles / 3N gold weight/adjustment screw
– Fixed seconds wheel: Pearled top – bottom / not treated

Flange / Flange screw
– Flange: Steel / lengthwise satin finish
– Screw: Steel / polished, angled head

Pin: Polished rounded end
Screw: Polished head / polished angle

Dial back: Rhodium-plated / glass beaded / polished angle / drawn rim
Dial plate: Black gold / lengthwise satin finish / polished angles / drawn rim
Dial plate logo: Black gold / lengthwise satin finish / polished angles / drawn rim
Engraving: Black gold / glass beaded
Hands: Polished 5N gold

Crocodile strap

Unique Piece 1/1

CHF 140,000

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