ArtyA Halloween No2 SoS Bones

Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA unveils its second Halloween themed for the season. A unique timepiece, crafted especially for Halloween, boasts thunderstruck bronze bezel – made using electric arc technology in the lab to reproduce a lightning strike. Measuring 47 mm in diameter, this timepiece houses a Swiss Made automatic movement that looks after basic timekeeping functions. Pictures to accompany the launch have been produced by Ariane Valentine, a young artist and friend of the band, better known on social media as “Mainlyboredom”. Ariane is busy pushing aesthetic boundaries with her unusual, disturbing, and provocative images.

Technical details
Silver hour markers inspired from real shrew bones, properly regurgitated by a tawny owl
Thunderstruck bronze bezel
Swiss made automatic movement
Hours, minutes, and seconds
52-hour power reserve
Size: 47mm
Sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
Crocodile leather strap
Edition: unique item, 1/1
Price: 6’900CHF

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