Pellikaan Timing Diving Dutchman – 1

Netherlands based boutique watch brand Pellikaan Timing announces its first diving watch, the Diving Dutchman-1. Water resistant to 200 meters, this recreational dive watch will be equipped with a hand wound movement as a tribute to the legendary diving watches powered with mechanical manual movements.

The basic movement, the IP13, comes from a small factory in Switzerland. Created by Isoprog of Switzerland, Calibre IP13 is an enhanced version of an enhanced version of the Unitas pocket watch movements.

The anchor of the movement is balanced and this is a patented invention of Pellikaan Timing. The advantage of this anchor is twofold, it improves the performance of the timepiece, and creates less friction; as a result, the anchor requires less lubrication and hence less maintenance.

Pellikaan Timing has launched an online crowd funding campaign for the promotion of the Diving Dutchman – 1. On Kickstarter a maximum of 50 pieces will be available. For the early birds the price will be 4000 euro ex VAT.

With an increasing number of backers this price will go up to the retail price of 4900 euro ex VAT. Delivery will be after each watch is finished, checked and tested. First ones will be delivered end of 2015. May 2016 is the final time for delivery of the last pieces made.

Technical details

  • Handmade / Dutch made Titanium grade V case
  • IP13 black chrome movement
  • Patented technology of Pellikaan timing: the Pellikaan anchor
  • Luminous hands and dial: 0,3 mm thick Superluminova
  • Handmade / Dutch made leather strap with waterproof impregnation
  • Scratch resistant anti reflection coated sapphire crystals on front and back

Kick-starter link:

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