Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green Bespoke Piece Unique 2015

Backes & Strauss continues its collaboration with Gemfields in the creation of the unique Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green timepiece. As the world’s oldest diamond company, Backes & Strauss has collaborated with Gemfields for its expertise as leading supplier of coloured gemstones to create another timeless masterpiece.

The Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green is the third in a series of five unique watches, following the release of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours in 2014 and Piccadilly Princess Royal Blue in 2015. The series commemorates the 225th anniversary of Backes & Strauss.

Backes & Strauss’ creations are inspired by London’s Regency Era, when architect John Nash led initiatives commissioned by the Prince Regent to liven and recreate the city’s landscape. Architecture, art and culture flourished in this period, particularly the growth in the city’s commitment to nature and the environment. The vibrant green emeralds on this Piccadilly Princess timepiece reflect London’s devotion to its natural landmarks and lush green parks, celebrated and cherished from the Regency Era to today.

This breath-taking, natural green vision displays 245 Zambian emeralds with 10 different cuts for a total of 31.91 carats. The responsibly sourced gems combined with Backes & Strauss’ carefully engineered design create a brilliant piece found nowhere else in the world. The exquisite quality of these vivid emeralds is attributed to the delicate and sustainable unearthing methods used in Gemfields’ Kagem Mines in Zambia.

Technical details
Size: 37 mm
Hands: Sword-shaped hands
Movement: Quartz movement
Display: Hours & minutes
Total Carats: 245 Gemfields Zambian emeralds –31.91 carats, 10 different cuts


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