Maison Celadon Watches

Established in 2013, Maison Celadon is a luxury watch brand that produces the very best and artistic timepieces that China can make. The exclusive timepieces produced by this boutique brand take inspiration from the wider cultural heritage and history of China.

Celadon offers 3 models – the Imperial (first watch released in May 2013), the Celestial (launched in August 2014), and the Yue Fei (which is due for launch in October 2015). This range encompasses dressy chic, virtuosic artwork, and sporty elegance respectively.

The flagship model Celestial retails at 5800 USD onwards (as this watch is bespoke, the final price depends on the client’s commission) and produce in series of 20 pieces. Every Celestial is a piece unique because every watch bears a different design.

The Celestial allows a selection of five different handmade dial types in enamel (micropainting, cloisonne and microcarving), hand-stitched silk embroidery in the Suzhou tradition, or hand-painted porcelain. Microcarving enamel and Suzhou silk embroidery are world-firsts for watches. Enamelling is done by the top enamel artist in China, and among the best in the world, Grandmaster Xiong and silk embroidery is done by Grandmaster Xue in Suzhou, the ancient Chinese capital of art.

The Celestial is 43mm wide to give a wide canvas to showcase the artistry of the dial, and utilises the B24 double escapement and resonance movement with a 7 day power reserve.

The Imperial and Yue Fei each retail at 1220 USD. These watches are produced in series of 100 pieces, with 50 pieces only in each dial colour. The Imperial is 38mm wide and uses the beautiful SB18-6 movement, upgraded with two extra levels of quality control, and movements are assembled exclusively in the Beijing Grand Complications Atelier.

In the First Series of Imperial Collection, the brand offers Rice Paper Cream and Imperial Red Dial Editions, with 50 pieces each, distinguished by its signature Plum Blossom Guilloche. Additionally, 39 pieces of the First Series were installed with gold balance and escape cocks that had been engraved by hand, a tribute to China’s ancient traditions in gold filigree engraving.

For the Imperial Second Series, CELADON will produce the Blanc de Chine and Midnight Blue Dial Editions, again with 50 pieces each, this time with a Peacock Guilloche inspired by classical Chinese paintings. The SB18 movement of the Second Series has been improved both in quality of assembly and with a new characteristically Chinese calligraphy engraving.

The Yue Fei is 40mm wide and uses the reliable and robust B16 movement with additional modifications and quality control. The brand also offers three options to further beautify watches and elevate the client experience.

Bespoke Monogramming in Gold is possible on the movements, where the client may have hand-written signatures, initials, significant dates, or Chinese characters engraved in gold on the movement top-plate. This is an additional 288 USD and is available on the Celestial and Imperial.

Another option is the Blued Steel hands and Celadon Seal (another world-first) and hour indices, also 288 USD. The steel hands are blued in the artisanal and traditional way, over a flame with tweezers and hand, rather than industrially in a large oven. This option is available on all three models, on certain dials that complement aesthetically.

Lastly the brand offers a bespoke strap service, where straps of the highest quality are saddle-stitched in a traditional European atelier.


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