Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret

The very first jewellery watch to join this exclusively feminine Jaeger-LeCoultre collection, Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret is an exceptional piece is reminiscent of the aesthetics of a watch that belongs to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s heritage. When this model was created in the 1960s, its sumptuous gemsetting made a big impression on people. It now returns as part of the RendezVous collection, driven by a more distinctly graphic intent than the original watch. Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret strikes a balance between the charm of antique collector’s jewellery and the forceful expression of a contemporary collection.

On the slightly domed cover, three types of diamond – brilliant, baguette and marquise cut – outline the shape of a flower that the glass appears to have captured and frozen in endless beauty. The gemsetter’s talent lies in the ability to set off to its best advantage each of the 304 diamonds adorning the Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret, in order to magnify the sparkle of these timeless gems. The cover of the watch half opens to allow a glimpse of the time on the dial, which boasts the design codes of the RendezVous line, including the elongated Arabic numerals alternating with chatons on the shimmering mother-of-pearl surface. Edged with a dainty grain setting, the dial with its iridescent reflections is an ode to the grace of the Métiers Rares®. The ivy leaves are engraved and painted by hand, creating a realistic and yet delightfully poetic result. The ivy is ‘frozen’ beneath the watch crystal in a silent fresco over which time has no hold.

The white gold case is engraved on the side with an elegant stylised motif. The bracelet, which is slightly rigid to ensure a perfect hold on the wrist, consists of a double row of chatons gracefully encircling the wrist.

Technical details
Model: Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret

Mechanical manually-wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 846/1
38-hour power reserve
93 components
18 jewels
2.90mm thick
Casing diameter: 15.3 mm

Transferred and hand-painted mother-of-pearl
Hands: Floral


White gold with hand engraving on the side

Diamond-set white gold

Q355 33 07


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