Rönkkö MINOTAUR Dual Moon Complication, Dark Edition

Finnish watchmaker Antti Rönkkö releases the 2nd timepiece based of the ancient myth of labyrinth. After creating the movement AR1 and designing of his debut timepiece Steel Labyrinth, watchmaker Rönkkö wanted to create a complication of his own for the beast wandering the maze, Minotaur. The creation of  Dual Moon Complication to show both the black moon and the full moon at the 12 o’clock opening perfectly highlights the bi-polar animal vs. human characteristics of the Minotaur.

The dark Minotaur is a timepiece accompanying a customised Swiss Soprod A10 movement in a hardened IP black stainless steel 316L case with in-house Dual Moon Complication to indicate both black moon and full moon. The Minotaur´s moon phase depicts the labyrinth´s everlasting struggle between good and evil. The focal points of design are sharp faceted talismans of the dark and light sides of the Minotaur chasing each other around the dial. The winning aspect always rotates to the top indicating the current moon phase. The dark beastly Minotaur rises before black moon, cycling down to erect the light full moon Minotaur: once the son of King Minos called Asterion – the ruler of the stars.

The light full moon Minotaur talisman made of stainless steel represents the human characteristics of the creature. The black moon Minotaur talisman made of dark DLC coated stainless steel represents the animal side. Both talismans have a total of 148 different facets in each. The Greek key, a classic ornament surrounding the black DLC coated dial with Roman numerals and a labyrinthine structure derives many meanings in Greek art and architecture. The ornament is believed to be the simplified symbol of the labyrinth, some say its a sign of eternity. In the dial the meander really cycles as the time goes by. The profile of the bezel and the dial design remind of about the ancient architecture of the Greco-roman era.

The Black Edition of 5 pieces comes with two Minotaur moon phase talismans in the dial side; an additional talisman is in free-rotation at the middle of the labyrinthine rotor in an open case back coated with clear sapphire glass. The dark Minotaur comes with a matte black strap of genuine alligator leather.

The subtle sign of watchmaker Rönkkö is engraved straight inside the sapphire crystal with high definition. The silent signature of the maker is only visible in certain angles. Each of the 5 exclusive handmade pieces of the dark Minotaur retails for 19 400 Euros, excluding VAT.

Technical details
Model: MINOTAUR – Dual Moon Complication: Dark Edition of 5 pieces.

In-house Dual Moon Complication indicating the full moon and the black moon with hours and minutes
Customised Swiss Soprod A10 movement
Automatic wind
42 h power reserve
28 800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)
25 jewels
Movement diameter 25,6 mm
Black DLC coated Minotaur talisman in free-rotation at the middle of the labyrinthine rotor (rotor mass: 18 kt white gold) in an open case back
Finishing of the movement: bottom side circular graining (perlage)

Minotaur case design – diameter 42 mm and height 11.75 mm
Hand finished, hardened IP black coated stainless steel 316L case with satin finished surfaces and polished edges
Dial side and back side straight sapphire crystal (with anti reflexive coating underside of crystal)
Stainless steel crown with Rönkkö ® -signage
Water-resistant to 3 ATM

Roman skeleton index with precise hours and minutes
DLC coated dark rotating ornamental labyrinthine moon calendar with two Minotaur moon phase talismans
Light full moon Minotaur talisman made of stainless steel
Dark black moon Minotaur talisman made of dark DLC coated stainless steel
Hands made from stainless steel

Hardened IP black stainless steel buckle with satin finished surfaces

Genuine matt black alligator strap with embossed Rönkkö -signage

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