BLACK BELT WATCH : Swiss Watch Brand Solely Reserved for Black Belt Holders of Martial Arts

BLACK BELT WATCH is a brand new Swiss timepiece imagined, designed and manufactured in the total respect of the Bushido values. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Black Belt Watch is solely reserved for black belt holders, regardless of the martial art style.

Each practitioner has to provide an official rank certificate. Black Belt Watch supports the “Little Dreams” foundation and donates a percentage of its sales to the “No Difference” cause, a program that aims to grant young people with a handicap, the chance to realize their passion for a martial art.

The Spirit of BLACK BELT WATCH Reflects and honors the 7 virtues associated with Bushido, a powerful greeting to praise the courage of all black belt holders across the world, who, for centuries, have embodied the samurai warriors code through the initiation and practice of an ancient martial art.

As a tribute to the Bushido code of conduct and its 7 virtues, the black belt fighters, renowned Martial Arts master Claudio Alessi and Yvan Arpa, teamed up with Swiss watchmakers and created a timepiece cloaked with Gi Rectitude – Yu Courage – Jin Benevolence – Rei Respect – Makoto Honesty – Meiyo Honor – Chugi Loyalty.


The renowned Martial Arts master, Claudio Alessi gained the World Championship title along with those of several European and Swiss Championships. This multi style Sensei who is a Mixed Martial Arts instructor has also developed a specific technique to teach Martial Arts to disabled people. After 14 hard fought karate final matches, with andagainst his friend and competitor, Yvan Arpa decided to leave the tournaments’ tatami mats and join the challenging Swiss watchmaking scene.

His sharp marketing vision fueled for success Sector No limit, the Hublot Big Bang and Romain Jerome, where he created an overnight sensation with the “DNA of Famous Legends” concept. He produced two collections “Titanic-DNA” and “Moon Dust-DNA”. Both became bywords for innovation, daring design and superb craftsmanship.

The Black Belt Watch’s is an eloquent expression of his creativity, brimming with symbols and emotions. Approximate retail price of Black Belt automatic version is 3’000.00 CHF in Switzerland.

Technical details

Self-winding mechanical movement with a frequency of 28,800 Vph Entirely manufactured in Switzerland

Steel satin-finished and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treated
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Bezel: steel sandblasted and stamped with polished Kanji characters
Case back: engraved “For Black Belts Only” in 5N rose gold.

Superimposed on 5 levels with different shades of black, the dial features
Engraved “Black Belt” and stamped with its emblematic representation
The background’s pattern emulates the fabric used for kimonos
The hands replicate a Shinai, the traditional bamboo sword used for practice in Kendo

Processed “Alzavel waterproof” calfskin and high-tech pierced rubber that is reminiscent of a kimono’s texture

24 months

Black Belt Spirit Watch

The Black Belt watch is also available in affordable quartz versions. Most noted among them is Black Belt Spirit watch. Imbued with the same values as the original Black Belt watch, the Black Belt Spirit watch carries with it the same values and responsibilities as the original. Owners of a Black Belt Spirit watch will be asked to agree to live by a code of values. The same values that traditional Japanese Samurai were bonded to live by.

The purchasing contract for the Black Belt Spirit Watch stipulates that its owner will follow the ancestral tradition of the Budokai to always have: respect, honor, courage, loyalty and rectitude. These are the principles of the Black Belt watch – values it owners will always remember when wearing the watch.

Black Belt Spirit Watch
Black Belt Spirit Watch

Technical details

  • Movement: Quartz chronograph
  • Case: 42 mm in steel and highly resistant PVD “Physical Vapor Deposition”
  • Strap: Textured silicone / rubber
  • Water-resistance: 50 meters
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Bezel: Grey Kanji engraved
  • Dial: Superimposed dial featuring a belt in counter
  • Back: With key codes of Bushido engraved
  • Limited edition: 300 pieces
  • Public price: 300 CHF


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