Montblanc Introduces New Boutique Concept: The Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions

For more than a century, Montblanc has created the finest writing instruments, timepieces, and jewellery and leather goods turning ground: breaking innovations such as the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück into timeless classics.

Inspired by its positioning as the Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions, Montblanc unveils a new concept boutique that offers a dynamic and elegant retail environment.

Striking a balance between contemporary design and classical elegance, between its pioneering spirit and the traditions of craftsmanship, the new boutique offers customers a multi: sensory experience, inviting customers on a journey of discovery into the heart of the Montblanc universe.

Retail has always been a major key to the success of the development of the Maison, constantly evolving as a reflection of the Maison’s expansion over the years. In 1919, Montblanc opened in partnership with a dealer its first boutique in its home city of Hamburg.

The idea of offering only fountain pens in a shop was completely new and exemplified the pioneering spirit of Montblanc. Since the first company owned boutique opened, Montblanc has expanded its boutique network in premium locations to one of the largest luxury retail networks with more than 500 boutiques and 3000 points of sale around the world.

The new Montblanc boutique concept complements and translates the company’s reputation as the Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions, and communicates a true expression of luxury in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Through the eyes of designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, the immersive retail environment introduces a pure and uncluttered aesthetic, mixing black, white and wood, revealing the collections in a display that enhances the fine qualities of each piece.

Duchaufour Lawrance, the French born designer of objects and spaces, has reimagined the Montblanc boutique with his distinctive sense of form and style, playing with the dichotomy of mineral hardness and the ultra-soft lines of organic materials for both furniture and lines.

The new concept features three main design themes linked to the roots of the Maison. Cursive handwriting associated with the Montblanc fountain pen is the starting point for the overall design. The curve gesture that gives shape to the retail space evokes calligraphy and the culture of writing.

The emblem, inspired by the snow cap of the Mont Blanc and symbol of the highest standards of perfection, is paired with the ink shades to represent the life and soul of Montblanc, and the desire to always evolve through innovation. Inside the boutique, alongside the black lacquered wall panels, recalling the uniqueness of Montblanc precious resin, an animated artistic ink flows on large screens.

A central feature of the new boutique, this living artwork triggers emotions and creates an atmosphere that is uniquely Montblanc, evoking both the Maison’s dynamism and trajectory as it keeps evolving with the times to deliver products of perfect modernity and functionality.

The third element is a passion for craftsmanship, the value that has punctuated the Maison’s long history. Narrated through the structured architecture and dark wood composition, it is inspired by the wood furniture used by craftsmen to practice their skills in each of the Maison’s manufactures whether watchmaking, writing instruments, jewellery or leather goods.

The furniture pieces, designed by Duchaufour Lawrance, are reminiscent of the art nouveau era that saw the birth of the Montblanc Maison, but with a distinctly contemporary twist.

The selection of refined materials inside the boutique not only express the Maison’s European codes of elegance and spirit of craftsmanship, but also serve to identify each category by the distinct materials with which they are usually associated. Watchmaking is brought to life through the use of bronze sheen brass, leather and wood; black leather and walnut wood reflect the Maison’s leather goods expertise; while lacquers and fine metals evoke writing instruments and jewellery.

The new storefront of today’s concept store presents an elegant façade with recognizable Montblanc DNA elements while projecting a welcoming atmosphere through the stylish design treatment. A large entrance space offers customers instant visibility of the various product categories from the outside, inviting them inside to continue their journey.

Subtle lighting, the delicate sound of fine watchmaking, the touch of the many textures and the distinctive smell of exquisite leather, the interior design evokes a true sensory experience and demonstrates Montblanc’s commitment to providing a handful of unique experiences.

On entering the space, the customer is invited to explore the Montblanc story on his or her own terms, to discover the diversity of the product offering in areas dedicated to each category, and to learn about the Maison’s longstanding heritage by interacting with each piece.

In the spirit of sharing the passion for fine watchmaking, a well balanced triangular shaped Gallery Table designed in wood by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance highlights Montblanc’s unique position in the watch industry combining tradition, innovation and groundbreaking aesthetics. Nearby, an interactive screen offers an immersive experience that gives unprecedented insight into the elaborate and skilled world of Montblanc watchmaking.

At the rear of the boutique, the Manufacture Bar is the place where customers can engage with product experts and those who want to enjoy the pleasure of writing will have the opportunity to test all types of writing instruments, different nibs and inks. Montblanc trained staff will also introduce them to the Montblanc digital corner where digital enthusiasts can test Maison’s latest Screen Writer editions, experiencing the ways in which the art of writing has been transposed to the digital world.

In the Leather Atelier, the focus is on a touch and feel experience, where Montblanc’s expertise, know how, creativity and collections are revealed through the senses. The sight, feel and smell of fine Italian leather can be enjoyed by browsing the unique leather library containing more than 50 different skins inside bound books.

In the Collectors Lounge, an intimate space where curves and straight lines play off each other, collectors can view limited editions or experience Montblanc customization services, from embossing leather goods or bespoke Creation Privée personalization, in the most comfortable and private setting.

A milestone in Montblanc’s long history, the sophisticated and contemporary environment invites existing connoisseurs and new generations of customers to discover the Maison’s rich heritage in an authentic and uncomplicated way. An immersive space where they can truly appreciate the thoughtfulness, passion and skill invested in every single Montblanc piece.

The first Montblanc new concept store will open in Taipei, followed by further concept stores opening worldwide in the coming months.

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