Romano Alberti O-YOROI watch

The O-Yoroi wrist watch by Romano Alberti is the deepest synthesis of the union of creator’s three passions: the oriental culture, art, and watchmaking. This watch is a tribute to the magical Japanese culture and, above all, this wants to be a thanksgiving to the legendary figure of the Samurai. The Samurai, who may appear cruel war machine, actually conceals a high artistic taste, a profound cultural and moral discipline that traced an indelible mark in the Japanese tradition.

In the development of O-yoroi has applied the seven virtues of Bushido.The Bushido was the code of conduct that the Samurai had to follow strictly.

The 7 virtues are:-

  • Honesty and justice (GI)
  • Heroic courage, boldness, generosity (YU)
  • Compassion (JIN)
  • Kindness, devotion, healthy lifestyle (REI)
  • Complete sincerity (MAKOTO)
  • Honour and dignity à (Meiyo)
  • Duty and loyalty à (Chugi)

All parts of the watch call up the various components that made up the armor of the Samurai, but in the watch they assume a more philosophical and abstract connotation. Nothing is left to chance, just as Eastern philosophy wants.

The armor was made of:

  • The head protection (Kabuto), whose features in the dial and in the crown of the watch
  • The protection of the shoulders (Sode), whose features are represented in the crown protection
  • The protections for arms (Kote), the bust (Do), the belly (Kuzazuri), Legs and feet (Haidate suneate), whose features around the case and in the loops
  • The armor was not needed only for military use but represented the clan of the family, the more complex it was the higher was the rank of the family

Looking at the watch, we can perceive the vibrations of a “duel” between two Samurais who are represented by the loops and the exclusive hands, a reminder of the “Kabuto maedate” (front crest of the helmet from Samurai armor). They are symmetrical to each other, in a constant study and observation, regardless of time passing, concentrated only in the front direction, creating geometric shapes overlapping. This eternal “duel” is always accompanied by the harmonious continuous rotation of stylized flower chrysanthemum, emblem of Japan.

The leather strap with leather inserts in stingray, immediately recalls the handle of the legendary Katana (Tsuka) usually made of wood and covered in stingray(Same), covered with strips of silk, cotton or woven leather (Tsuka-ito) .

Finally, the watch box shows the hand painted sprig and petals of a Sakura – a cherry tree, which today is a symbol for all the martial arts, which was adopted by the Samurai as emblem of belonging to their class.

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