Van Cleef & Arpels – The Cadenas® Watch, Edition 2015

The SIHH 2015 marked the reappearance of one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ icons: the Cadenas® watch. Bold, timeless and feminine, this jewel that tells the time symbolizes sentimental attachment.

Created in 1935, the Cadenas watch marks the birth of one of the Maison’s most emblematic pieces. A symbol of sentimental attachment in the image of its clasp, the watch is said to have been inspired – like the Zip necklace – by the Duchess of Windsor. The first version of this jewel that tells the time was in gold, with a double snake chain acting as a bracelet. The lines of the case are straight and pure; the attachment takes on the rounded form of a padlock. The design is unique, asserting its status as an instantly recognizable symbol.

Graced with femininity, an angled dial underscores its refinement: the time is read discretely, in the manner of elegant ladies of the period. Boldly avant garde, the Cadenas watch is notable for its resolutely modern design. The curves of its hoop-shaped attachment blend perfectly with the straight lines of the case.

In 2015, Van Cleef & Arpels reveals a new treasure trove of Cadenas watches – true icons among the jewels of the Maison.

With its distinctive design, the Cadenas watch is among the Maison’s prized creations. Intensely feminine, it can be worn like a bracelet. In its jeweled versions, it glitters like a diamond. Distinctive, it is boldly contemporary. The 2015 edition of this classic piece incorporates changes to the dial, the stone setting and the clasp.

Originally intended to be glanced at discretely as a mark of distinction, it now emphasizes the time with an enlarged dial for increased visibility and 12 hour markers. The watch gains in readability, while retaining the inclined dial of the initial design. Adorned in sumptuous finery, it sparkles with diamonds in sertineige style. Its clasp offers increased security. Two small ceramic beads inside the clasp provide a more resistant fastening. The hidden, polished side of the clasp lends itself to a discrete personalized engraving.

The iconic jewelry watch has been magnified and, on occasion, adorned with white diamonds: DE grade for princess-cut stones and DEF for brilliant cuts. In tune with the times, it retains its essential character. Alligator straps and gold bracelets inaugurate new horizons. Instantly recognizable, it assumes a range of variations – like so many facets of a single, distinctive personality. Powered by a quartz movement, the Cadenas collection now consists of 9 new models.

The Cadenas watch in yellow gold is an icon of refined simplicity. A double snake chain bracelet in yellow gold contributes a touch of finesse to this historic model, celebrating the original form of an ever-contemporary watch. The timepiece is also available with an alligator strap to adorn the wrist.


Cadenas Sertie
Resolutely modern, the Cadenas Sertie watch is available in both yellow and white gold. Diamonds in serti neigestyle adorn the upper surface of the case and the attachment of the alligator strap.The Cadenas Sertie watch is also available in a Bracelet Or version, with serti neige style setting on the upper surface of the case. It is distinguished by its double snake chain bracelet, evoking the refined, jewel-like elegance of the original model. With its rounded, feminine curves, the Cadenas Sertie Bracelet Or watch is available in white gold and yellow gold.


Cadenas Pavée
This new model highlights the jewelry aspect of the timepiece. The upper surface of the case is adorned with princess-cut diamonds, while round diamonds – in serti neige style setting – illuminate the case, clasp and dial. An image of delicacy, subtlety and finesse, it is paired with a snake chain bracelet in white gold to accentuate its sparkle. The Cadenas Pavée watch is also available in a pink gold version, with pink sapphires and diamonds contributing softness and femininity. Diamonds and a gradation of pink sapphires adorn the case and the clasp of the Cadenas Pavée Saphirs Roses Bracelet Or watch.


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