JUNKERS Mount Everest Automatic Chronograph “Mountain Wave Project” Series

This special edition automatic wristwatch was specially developed for the Mountain Wave Project in Nepal, which was sponsored by German watch brand Junkers.

The name of Junkers has always been associated with a pioneering spirit in the history of German aviation. In the spirit of this tradition, JUNKERS continues to sponsor pioneering achievements in aviation such as the Mountain Wave Project.

JUNKERS Mount Everest Automatic Chronograph "Mountain Wave Project" Series

The project sponsored by JUNKERS tells the story of two courageous glider pilots who, in February 201 4, flew over Mount Everest (8849 metres) at icy temperatures as low as -46°in a glider for the very first time and, together with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) undertook the first ever 3D measurement of the mountain. The unique Junkers automatic chronograph “Mount Everest”, designed specifically for this project, was a constant companion on board.

JUNKERS Mount Everest Automatic Chronograph "Mountain Wave Project" ETA Valjoux 7750 movement

This timepiece boasts the globally renowned mechanical calibre ETA Valjoux 7750 with automatic winding and 25 jewels that ensure maximum durability. The timeless and modern casing in satinised stainless steel comes with crown protection and a glass base, which allows for a fascinating view of the clock movements.

In addition, the deep blue dial with indices and hands in the latest Superluminova BLW4 technology creates a very special aesthetic and guarantees outstanding legibility at night. The automatic chronograph “Mount Everest” is also available as a chronometer with Sternwarte Glashütte certification.

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