Manufacture Royale 1770 Rose Gold & Diamonds

Manufacture Royale presents a new diamond-set rose gold version of its 1770 watch.

Named after the year Manufacture Royale was founded, the 1770 watch embodies the daring and excellence which define the Manufacture. Its restrained and thoughtfully elaborated form is the continuation of a generous and creative style, though contours have been softened and remodelled to propose a watch that is both sober and contemporary. Entirely developed and manufactured in-house, its haute horlogerie movement incorporates a splendid flying tourbillon.

Since its creation, Manufacture Royale has devised, produced and decorated all its movements in the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition. The new MR03 calibre inside the 1770 watch is no exception to this rule.

Manufacture Royale 1770 Rose Gold & Diamonds

Developed from a blank page by the Manufacture’s engineers and master-watchmakers, it showcases one of watchmaking’s most refined technical sophistications: the flying tourbillon. This aesthetically pleasing and visually spectacular construction leaves the observer free to admire in all its splendour the movement of the escapement and the superlative finishing of its parts.

An essential component since it determines the watch’s precision, here the escapement embraces the ultimate innovation with a pallet fork and escape wheel in silicon. Thanks to its resistance to variations in temperature and to magnetic fields, among other qualities, silicon makes an important contribution to the movement’s performance. In this instance, the calibre also incorporates a screwed balance and a flat balance spring.

The flying tourbillon, which makes one revolution in 60 seconds, is positioned asymmetrically at 7 o’clock. This unconventional choice creates a unique visual tension that gives the watch all its personality. In addition to hours and minutes, the 1770 incorporates a power-reserve indicator for an autonomy of 108 hours or four and a half days. Comprising 208 parts, the MR03 is hand-wound.

This meeting of minds several centuries apart is also evidenced by the dial. Whereas previous collections by Manufacture Royale intentionally left the movement in full view, here it is entirely covered by the dial with just an opening at 7 o’clock through which to admire the pulsations of the flying tourbillon.

Opaline silvered, it is circled by hour markers which have been diamond-polished by hand. The centre of the dial is purposely free from embellishment or inscription so that its colour and texture can be fully appreciated. “Manufacture Royale” is written in capital letters around the flying tourbillon together with the name of the collection, “1770”.

Manufacture Royale 1770 Rose Gold & Diamonds

The sword-shaped hands are partly satin-finished and partly polished for easy legibility. Manufacture Royale is also known for the complexity and immediately identifiable design of its watches’ exteriors.

Comprising a great many carefully executed and hand-finished parts, they are constructed in accordance with a pre-defined principle: the movement is housed inside a case, which in turn is contained in a sometimes mobile structure.

A hallmark of Manufacture Royale, this principle is captured in its essence by the 1770. Two beautifully proportioned brancards hug the case. Secured by functional, visible screws, they extend beyond it, and then gently curve to form the lugs.

The eye is drawn along a succession of smooth curves, beginning with the domed crystal that protects the dial, whose gadrooned bezel delicately overflows to form a rim. Embodied by the brancards, the case middle shows rounded flanks. The crown is polished with the initials “MR” engraved in its centre.

The back of the case is entirely open to reveal the splendour of the movement. The exterior of the 1770 watch is a consummate example of Swiss haute horlogerie in both its aesthetic, imagined by the acclaimed watch designer Eric Giroud, and the flawless crafting and finishing of its parts.

Alternating polished, straight-grained and satin finishes, the rose gold case is set with 148 brilliant-cut diamonds delicately placed in two rows. Made from 20 separate elements, the case measures 43mm in diameter.

Technical details

Model: Manufacture Royale 1770 Rose Gold & Diamonds
Reference: 177043.08P.O.D2

Mechanical hand-wound
Dimensions: 30.9 mm diameter
Number of parts: 208
Number of jewels: 19
Power reserve: 108 hours
Frequency: 3Hz, 21,600 vibrations/hour

Plate and bridges
– Entirely hand-decorated: straight-grained, black-polished, chamfered and perlage
– Main-plate with Côtes de Genève, 5N engraving

– Silicon escape wheel and pallet fork
– One rotation/minute

Balance spring: Flat
Balance: Screwed

Hours, minutes, power reserve

18k rose gold set with 148 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.23 cts)
Dimensions: 43 mm diameter / 11.72 mm height
Number of parts: 20
Crown: MR logo, sanded, hand-polished

Opaline silvered
Hour markers, diamond-polished by hand
Aperture at 7 o’clock
Power-reserve indicator at 10 o’clock

Alligator, alligator lining, hand-rolled edges
Buckle: Pin, hand-polished

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