Luminox XCOR Valjoux Automatic Chronograph

Luminox announces the release of the XCOR Valjoux model, the first Automatic Chronograph in the Space Series. Made for Space and created with input from astronauts and test pilots, the XCOR 5261 features the ultra-reliable Valjoux Automatic Chronograph movement and the added advantage of Luminox Light Technology for maximum visibility in all light conditions, including the pitch black darkness of space.

As a key partner of XCOR Space Expeditions, Luminox is committed to making passenger space flights possible. A recently signed multi-year contract between Luminox and XCOR seals the promising partnership. The Luminox Space watches will be worn by both the XCOR astronauts and passengers.

XCOR Aerospace, the manufacturer of the XCOR Lynx spaceship, will be carrying out their first test flights within the atmosphere soon. Training sessions and tests for passenger flights are currently under way. For $100,000 USD, passengers will be able to enjoy a unique view of the earth from 103 kilometres.

Available as of Fall 2015.

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