Bulgari Diagono Magnesium

Bulgari unveils Diagono Magnesium, a high performance and stylistic sports watch created with three high technology materials: Magnesium, PEEK and Ceramic. Urban and pioneering, Diagono Magnesium plays on stylistic rupture, form and function, performance and design.

The Diagono range is inspired by the symbol of the Discobolus of Myron. The Discobolus is undoubtedly the most famous work by Myron d’Eleuthères, a Greek sculptor and bronze smith from Attica. It is thus hardly surprising that the very name of the Diagono watch is derived from the ancient Greek word “agon”. This classical term is the expression of competitiveness and efficiency.

Launched in 1998, the Bulgari Diagono was one of the very first watches to use materials such as aluminium. This light and hard-wearing metal at the time a material of choice among aeronautical engineers. It represented a dramatic turn of events on the international watchmaking scene and sparked a complete upheaval in the design world. In 2015, it is once again through the unexpected pooling of their experiences that the engineers of the Manufacture Bulgari have succeeded in pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency a little further, by daring to work with resolutely contemporary materials: Magnesium, PEEK and ceramic.

Magnesium is renowned for its many properties, both organic and chemical. It is very light and has strong properties in terms of structural and mechanical strength for a minimum weight. Hardly surprising that it is used in very cutting-edge high technologies, such as super-cars, aeronautics, space research or Formula 1 motor-racing.

PEEK is a polymer that revolutionised the space industry. Stepping things up a notch in terms of efficiency, Bulgari decided to design the pieces of the Diagono watch with an ultra-resistant, light polymer used to replace metal in aeroplane or space shuttle design. Its technical name is polyetheretherketone. In the industrial world, it is known under the acronym PEEK (which stands for PolyEtherEtherKetone). PEEK is exceptionally robust. Its rigidity and dimensional stability enable it to withstand high temperatures and hostile environments. It is easy to work with and light compared to steel, aluminium and titanium. Watchmakers appreciate its low coefficient of friction and its high resistance to wear without lubrication.

The Bulgari movement thus benefits from an unprecedented technological component, with the addition of ceramic. The latter material, known for its malleability before glazing and extreme resistance afterwards, enables the creation of mechanical elements that are highly resistant to scratching, hairline cracks and vibrations.

Alongside these three contemporary technological materials, Bulgari’s engineers used a unique lacquer inspired by car racing: «Motorlac», a very high quality protective coating. It both clothes and protects the competitive mechanics of the most beautiful sports cars. This is no mere adornment or decorative element, but instead an entirely technical component able to withstand extreme temperatures or variations in expansion of materials. Moreover, «Motorlac» makes it possible to create surprising grained textures and colours, and shimmering new light effects that guided the choices made by Bulgari’s designers. Boldly graphic and strongly contrasting, it represents an aesthetic element in its own right.

Entirely in line with its forebears’ identity, the new Diagono maintains the structured case and picks up the bezel with the double brand-name engraving. A slimmer bezel compared to the original model serves to achieve a more streamlined effect and provide a broader dial aperture to enhance information read-off.

A stylish element perfectly suited to an urban, modern, sporty and pleasure-seeking existence, the Diagono Magnesium is available in four chromatic dial versions, all naturally fitted with the Magnesium case and teamed with a rubber strap.

Diagono retains both its personality and its identity while reaffirming them with this new Magnesium interpretation. The 41mm dial of the Diagono Magnesium also benefits from innovative touches including the use of “Motorlac”.

The first version features a coppery brown lacquer as well as Superluminova-enhanced black hands and hour-markers. A second declination comes in anthracite grey with rhodium hands and hour-markers, while the third features a deep blue lacquer, rhodium hands and hour-markers. The collection is completed by a silver grey-lacquered variation with black hands and hour-markers.

Technical details

Case and dial
41mm diameter steel case, case middle in Magnesium and PEEK (polymer), ceramic bezel engraved with double Bulgari logo, black PVD caseback; steel PVD crown set with a black ceramic lozenge;
Case middle surface treated with anthracite, brown, silver or blue Motorlac; matching dial in the same colour

Mechanical self-winding movement, 42h power reserve, 28 800 Vph (4Hz);

Vulcanised rubber strap with PEEK pin buckle.

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