BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets

BALL Watch Company unveils the new Engineer II Green Berets, a combat watch combining excellence, robustness and functionality that takes its inspiration from the famous elite troops.

The Green Beret was the official headdress of the British Commandos of the Second World War. It is still worn by members of the Royal Marines after passing the Commando Course and men from other units attached to the Marines who have passed the All Arms Commando Course.

The American Green Berets received the ultimate recognition in the 1960s when President John F. Kennedy said: “The green beret is a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom.”

From that moment onward, the Green Beret was permanently identified as the symbol of excellence in the United States Army. It is the same commitment to excellence that has led BALL Watch Company to develop its Engineer II Green Berets.

BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets

This new timepiece aims to be a genuine modern “combat watch” that embodies all the practical sense inherited from the railroads. This aspiration takes the form of robust and functional timekeeping instruments stripped down to bare essentials.

The 43mm titanium carbide case is extremely light but strong against corrosion and oxidation. It has a dial opening of 35mm which immediately offers a dial with maximum legibility. In order to prevent external shocks from being passed on to the movement, the crown is screwed-in into the case after the watch has been set.

The screwed-in crown thus improves the model’s water resistance, which is guaranteed to 100 meters. The watch’s solid construction also means it can withstand impacts of up to 5,000Gs and is protected against magnetic fields to an intensity of 4,800A/m.

BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets

As a further guarantee of total legibility, the antireflective sapphire crystal is fitted with a Cyclops magnifying lens positioned above the window at three o’clock, which facilitates the reading of the date.

As a reference to the first British commandos that started the Green Beret legend, this model features a nubuck leather strap with a standard buckle that gives it a decidedly retro look.

The Swiss-made automatic BALL RR1103-C movement drives all the basic functions of the timepiece: hours, minutes, sweep seconds and date indications.

The accuracy of this mechanical caliber has earned the distinction of being deemed a certified chronometer by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This prestigious standard, a guarantee of Swiss accuracy and quality, is confirmed by the word “Chronometer” inscribed in red on the black dial.

Faithful to what is a veritable trademark feature, BALL Watch equips the dial and hands of all its watches with micro tubes of luminescent gas to allow for the reading of the time even in total darkness, an environment special forces such as the Green Berets must operate in constantly.

BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets

This state-of-the-art Swiss technology involves capturing H3 gas in glass micro tubes. The molecules of H3 gas then collide with the colored internal surface and thus emit a luminous energy for at least 25 years without ever needing any input from an external source of light or energy.

This brightness is up to a hundred times more powerful than other methods of lighting commonly used in watchmaking. The indexes on the dial of the Engineer II Green Berets are fitted with H3 gas micro tubes that are three times wider than those of the micro tubes used in the majority of BALL watches.

These micro tubes give off a strong green glow, in tribute to the military unit from which the model takes its name. The index at 12 o’clock stands out by giving off an orange glow, while the hands are fitted with micro tubes of yellow-colored gas.

BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets

As a reminder of the American origins of BALL Watch Company, the Engineer II Green Berets has the United States Army “Special Forces Airborne” insignia engraved on its case back.

The unit’s motto, the Latin phrase “De oppresso liber” (“Free from oppression”), testifies to its unshakable commitment to the noblest endeavors.

Technical details

Model: BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets Automatic Series, Reference NM2028C-L4CJ-BK

Automatic caliber BALL RR1103-C
Chronometer certified COSC

Hours, minutes, sweep seconds and magnified date

Titanium carbide
Ø 43mm, height 12.35mm
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Screwed-in crown
Shock resistant to 5,000Gs
Anti-magnetic to 4,800A/m
Water resistant to 100m/330ft

15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability

Nubuck leather strap with standard buckle

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