Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Globe

Laurent Ferrier enhances its Galet Traveller collection with Galet Traveller Globe, a brand new model graced with a three-dimensional dial marrying gold and champlevé enamel.

The Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller watch was presented in 2013. A contemporary timepiece intended for keen travellers, it features a new interpretation of the dual-time display.

Laurent Ferrier has endowed it with a unique sense of proportions curves and details to offer a model combining perfect legibility with the standards of haute horlogerie. In 2015, Laurent Ferrier is exploring its model in three dimensions, named Galet Traveller Globe in reference to the new dial specially designed for this model.

Laurent Ferrier GALET TRAVELLER GLOBE watch red gold

Rising from the centre is an 18K/750 white gold convex planisphere depicting the five continents, surrounded by an absolute black enamel sea. The latter is crafted using the age-old champlevé technique: the area destined to host the seas and oceans is hollowed out from the material before the enamel is applied.

The whole difficulty lies in performing this enamelling on a surface that is no longer flat but instead domed in order to reproduce the rotundity of the Earth. Hollowing out the matter using the champlevé technique enables the central five-continent motif to emerge in all its splendour.

To accentuate the three-dimensional effect, Laurent Ferrier has lavished a wealth of finishes on this model. The emerging stretches of land are all polished to achieve a mirror effect.

The continents thus created stand out all the more powerfully by contrast with the oceans. Moreover, Laurent Ferrier has gone even further in this style exercise, in that the outlines of the gold continents are slightly sloping nearer the coasts, so as to achieve a gentle transition with the translucent enamel.

Laurent Ferrier GALET TRAVELLER GLOBE watch white gold

Finally, the inner bezel ring of the Galet Traveller Globe has been subtly inclined. Hand-finished with a circular satin-brushed decoration, it dips towards the central sphere, creating the illusion of a raised globe literally balanced on top of the dial. This inclined inner bezel ring exercises an effect not only on the globe, but also on the drop-shaped hour-markers.

Applied to this slightly slanted inner bezel ring, their tips are literally suspended in the void, creating a unique sense of perspective.  The Galet Traveller Globe was developed in such a ways as to ensure extremely simple handling, while focusing on equilibrium, readability and performance in all circumstances, values greatly cherished by Laurent Ferrier.

Two perfectly geometrical oblong pushers delicately integrated into the left-hand side of the case serve to adjust the local time indicated by the central hand. When passing from one time zone to another, this central hours hand may be moved forward or backwards in one-hour increments by successive presses. Pressing the upper pusher moves the hand one hour forwards, while the lower one sends it one hour backwards, without affecting the minutes hand.

In addition to this fast adjustment of local time, the date appearing through an aperture at 3 o’clock automatically jumps when the hand passes midnight, thereby adjusting without any separate intervention to the transitions between different time zones. Meanwhile, the 9 o’clock aperture keeps track of the reference time (home time). The 24-hour display provides a natural distinction between daytime and nighttime hours.

The Galet Traveller Globe is powered by self-winding LF Calibre 230.01, incorporating the dual-time adjustment mechanism as well as the date. It features a system of unidirectional automatic winding via a pawl-fitted micro-rotor, backed by a double direct-impulse échappement naturel. This escapement is distinguished by the fact that the balance receives two direct impulses for each oscillation, thereby guaranteeing excellent efficiency matched by a 80-hour power reserve.

Laurent Ferrier LF Calibre 230.01

The decoration and finishing reflect the finest watchmaking traditions. The sapphire crystal case-back of the Galet Traveller Globe enables one to admire the exquisite refinement of this craftsmanship.

In addition to the Côtes de Genève décor on the bridges and the circular graining on the mainplate, the sides are manually chamfered and the screw heads are polished. The chamfering is done by hand and visible in the clear-cut lines of the interior angles, highlighting the authentic respect for the watchmaking art consistently cultivated by Laurent Ferrier.

Technical details

Model: Laurent Ferrier GALET TRAVELLER GLOBE
Reference: LCF0012/GG

Self-winding Calibre LF230.01 chronometer-certified by Besançon Observatory
Off-centred micro-rotor in 18K solid gold with pawl-fitted unidirectional winding, fixed between the mainplate and the bridge of the micro-rotor and equipped with a “silent bloc” shock-absorbing system
Natural escapement with double direct-impulse directly on the balance
Silicon pallet-lever with self-lubricating properties, escape-wheels in a phosphorous nickel alloy, produced according to LIGA technology.
Correctors: crown for winding and time-setting and, on the left side of the case, two push-buttons (+) and (-) respectively positioned at 10 and 8 o’clock, to adjust the time hour per hour with automatic date correction.
Diameter: 14’’’ ( Ø 31.60 mm)
Thickness: 5,80 mm
Frequency: 3Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 80 hours
288 parts
44 jewels

Hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock
Date at 3 o’clock
Home time/reference time at 9 o’clock

18K/750 210Pd non-rhodium plated white gold
Three parts: case middle, bezel and snap-on case-back
Size: Ø 41 mm (49 mm including the lugs)
Thickness: of the material 10 mm / including the sapphire crystal 12.64 mm
Domed sapphire crystals, front and back
Water-resistant to 30 metres
“Ball-shaped” crown in 18K/750 5N red gold or 210Pd 18K white gold

In 18K/750 gold, spherical centre in translucent black champlevé enamel with a circular satin-brushed sloping black rim
“Teardrop” hour-markers in 18K/750 210Pd white gold
Bevelled date window at 3 o’clock
Small seconds counter at 6 o’clock
Dual time-zone aperture at 9 o’clock

18K white gold
Hours and minutes: “assegai-shaped”
Seconds: baton-type with counterweight

Hand-sewn black alligator leather, Alcantara lining
16 mm pin buckle or double-blade folding clasp, in 18K/750 210 Pd white gold

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