Paul Picot Plongeur (New Models)

About 30 years ago, Swiss watch brand Paul Picot launched its iconic collection line « Plongeur ». Nowadays, the “Plongeur” C-Type models arise from a highly structured design and keep on perpetuating the strong identity of the brand.

A circle and straight line are the inspirational features of this legendary model, they mark the strong character of this professional diving instrument. Sharpened angles add to the original shape far removed from the nowadays too common designs inspired by other famous watches.

During its long life, from the A to the C Type, the Plongeur collection incarnated in many different styles and sizes, it offers in fact a large choice of case and face sizes, from 32 up to 48 mm to accommodate the aesthetic preferences of a wide public and loyal aficionados.

As a premiere at Basel 2015, the stainless steel models are now available with two surface treatments: DLC for black parts and HDT (Hot Diamonds Transfer) for the coloured bezel in orange or blue. The range includes Chronograph and Classic models, with leather and rubber straps.

The Plongeur C-Type will also be offered in a Camouflage version in an exclusive edition of only 100 pieces.  An early first version of this model had already been presented last year but not displayed to avoid imitations. After a very positive and strong response from the public the Camouflage collection is officially introduced this year to Paul Picot fans and International watch lovers.

For the Basel fair 2015 Paul Picot added a new version: the “Marine Camouflage” with a blue background and white dial. The typical rubber strap is also offered in white. The Camouflage Plongeur collection is available in Militay green or Bleu Marine. All C-Type models, Gentleman and Ladies versions with cases from 32 to 43 mm, are available in a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces.

HDT (Hot Diamonds Transfer) is a coat of highly resistant material made of several layers obtained by heat treatments ranging from 80 ° to 160 ° centigrade. Its internal composition consists of diamond micro pigments which give the maximum hardness to the solution. On the Vickers hardness scale PVD obtains a level of 2400-2600 while HDT achieves a much higher 3500-3700. Bearing In mind that diamond is at the top of the scale with a hardness of 8400 Vickers. HDT treatment creates a coat of 3 – 10 microns according to the process employed. HDT treatment must be performed by highly specialized staff and several steps of the treatment are done by hand.HDT is hypoallergenic and does not contain heavy metals. HDT is resistant to solvents, acids and alcohol.

Technical details
Automatic movement
Sapphire glass
Water resistant to 200 meters
Leather strap with coloured parts
Black DLC treatment and HDT coloured bezel

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