EDOX Hydro-Sub 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

This year Swiss watch brand Edox celebrates 50th anniversary of the legendary Hydro-Sub, one of the world’s most iconic diver’s watches. To mark this occasion boutique Swiss watchmaker celebrates its remarkable watch with a new, updated limited edition (515 pieces worldwide) that pays homage to the pioneering timepiece while incorporating state-of-the art 21st century watchmaking prowess.

The first Hydro-Sub, released in 1965, was a fantastic technical achievement for the time, setting new standards for ultra-deep dive watches and being water-resistant to an astonishing 500m.

The Hydro-Sub Automatic Limited edition, like the original, is water-resistant to 500m.each beautifully constructed watch features an engraved case-back with a view of the earth as seen from the North Pole, the individual number of the watch, and an inscription marking the Hydro-Sub’s 50th anniversary. The Hydro-Sub will also play a vital part in a unique, challenging expedition to the frozen wastes of the North Pole where world champion free diver Christian Redl will make the world’s first free-dive (without breathing gear) under the Arctic ice cap. Redl, and Australian photographer Marcus fillinger, will trek from northern Canada to the geographic North Pole.

A well-engineered, accurate timepiece that will perform like clockwork in the most extreme conditions is an essential piece of equipment for Redl’s ice dive in an expedition where he and fillinger will battle mind-numbing cold down to -40C.

Christian Redl

The Hydro-Sub’s automatic movement (based on the SW 200) will perform flawlessly either underwater or on land and a unidirectional rotatable bezel, made from steel and aluminium, allows the user to mark off dive times.

The watch also features the Edox Master Lock, an ingenious, but simple to operate, mechanism on the bezel at 2 o’clock that can be slid across to protect the crown while diving. (A double o-ring gasket also ensures the crown is water-tight).

The Hydro-Sub Automatic Limited edition is presented in a special box which includes a tool to allow the wearer to swap the stainless steel bracelet for a hypo-allergenic rubber strap.

For half a century Edox has produced exceptionally engineered diving and water sport timepieces and the big and bold (46mm, including bezel) Hydro-Sub Automatic Limited edition is another stunning addition to its creative canon.

Technical details
Model: Hydro-Sub 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Ref. 80301
Limited Edition 515 pieces worldwide

Calibre Edox 80, based on SW 200

Stainless steel case 316L, blue Master Lock
Finishes Steel and aluminium rotating bezel, limited numbering and exclusive
North Pole engraving on the caseback
Diameter 46 mm
Water resistance 500 meters

Special blue dial, white and green markers and details

Stainless steel 316 and folding clasp, black rubber with embossed edox hourglass logo also available

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