CORUM Golden Bridge Dragon & Phoenix

With this new horology masterpiece Corum pays honour two of the most fascinating figures from Chinese mythology: the dragon, a mythical creature symbolizing life and power; and the phoenix, legendary bird, symbol of good omen.

Gathered around the famous hand-wound CO 113 movement, the duo embraces the “baguette” movement in an exciting body-to-body. A worthy descendant of the first ever model, introduced by Corum in 1980, this mechanical masterpiece embodies both the impressive expertise of the brand from La Chaux-de-Fonds and its insatiable quest for linearity.

Built along a vertical axis, it is extended by the crown at 6 o’clock, which is perfectly aligned in order to accentuate thisexceptional construction. The remarkably precise Caliber CO 113 beats at the frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour) and is equipped with a variable-inertia balance ensuring impressive long-term regularity. Visually stunning in each and every detail, it features a red gold mainplate and bridges, including an upper bridge bearing the hand-engraved Corum signature.

A virtuoso in the domain of horological mechanics, Corum demonstrates the same degree of skill in exalting the skills of prodigiously gifted artisans. To breathe life into the dragon and phoenix, red gold was first poured into a mold to form an initial rough outline. The fascinating engraving work then began. Playing with the irregular thickness of the gold plate, the craftsman patiently sculpted the material by meticulously and accurately plying the burin in order to create striking three-dimensional effects. After more than two weeks of this extraordinary task performed entirely by hand, the magic conveyed through countless details.

The tiny scales that run in relief the dragon are reflected in the delicate contour of the feathers phoenix. It’s all in motion as mythical creatures unfold in turn. The harmony exulting from this duo provides a rendering of the most striking – the face-to-face embodying the dial with nobility.

The fascinating encounter between the mythical creatures and the legendary caliber finds a worthy setting in an elegant tonneau-shaped case. The latter is made of 5N 18K red gold and fitted with four sapphire crystals on the front, back and both sides, thus creating a mesmerizing transparency that further enhances the dragon’s three-dimensional perspective effects.

The precious and refined Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phoenix is also interpreted a jewellery version, where the red gold case is adorned by 396 round-cut diamonds (approx. 4.15 carats). The hands are colored in anthracite.

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