Konstantin Chaykin Diana Watch

Russian master watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin dedicates his new horology art piece to women. The Diana Watch, the latest ladies wristwatch from the world famous Russian watch manufactory is equipped with a novel moon phase indicator.

Konstantin Chaykin is already famous for his unique mechanical complications, and in the Diana Watch he has created a new masterpiece exclusively for women. Gold and diamonds, beloved by women everywhere, are merely decorations for a show based on a new complicated mechanism. The central invention is an original method to keep track of the mysterious Moon.

The Konstantin Chaykin Diana Watch is named after the ancient Mediterranean goddess Diana, known also as Artemis. This beloved daughter of Jupiter embodied the Moon for the ancient Romans. Every evening she enters her chariot and milk white stallions drive her across the sky. And the stars, the heavenly diamonds looked after their goddess and lit her way.

The Diana Watch comes in a polished white gold case, with a pearl on the winding button and a matching silk band. The bezel and the ears are decorated with shining diamonds to highlight the blue guilloche face. Almost half of the face is covered with a fantastically-shaped rhodium covered lake.

The face itself, with its light and dark zones is the location of the unique moon phase indicator. The Moon is represented as an extra hand designed to resemble the Mirror of Venus. As this hollow ‘mirror’ moves it encircles different areas of the bright lake on the face, and as a result the different combinations of light and dark surfaces identify the phases of the Moon.

Telling ‘Moon’ time is easy using the Konstantin Chaykin Diana Watch. When the ‘mirror’ is at the 6 o’clock position, the entire mirror is filled with light, which signifies that the Moon is full. Naturally, when the Moon is new, the entire mirror is dark. All of the other phases of the waxing and waning Moon are indicated by how much bright surface versus dark surface is encircled by the ‘mirror’.

The Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture places great emphasis on the design and finish of every detail in the case and the movement. The Diana Watch includes a new and unique proprietary caliber with a hand-wound movement containing carefully polished details.

The plates of the movement are decorated with Côtes de Genève. Gold screws securely hold 17 ruby bearings.  The wheels and gears are gilded; the drum wheel and winding drum are polished ideally. The clear sapphire glass back of the case lets one to see the heart of the Diana Watch – the balance.

Technical details

Model: Konstantin Chaykin Diana Watch

Caliber K01-6
Escapement: Anchor
Dimensions: 40 х 12 mm
Jewels: 17
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Materials: Gold

Hour Indication
Minute Indication
Moon phases

White gold
Diameter: 33.8 mm

Brass, rhodium plated

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