Junghans Meister Collection (New Versions)

This year, German watch maker Junghans presents the models of its successful Meister range in new shades. A classic colour scheme underscores the masterful character of the timepieces and is found throughout the collection, which is a delight at any time.

This brief and fascinating moment can only be observed in a short frame of time during sunrise and sunset, lending the moment a particular effect with its deep-blue colour. It is this special atmosphere that the dial of the Meister Handaufzug (hand-winding) and Meister Chronoscope capture: presented in a blue sheen, it ensures a special aesthetic effect. The cognac-coloured leather strap skilfully accentuates the hue of the dial. A cool combination of the blue hour is achieved via the interaction of the deep-blue dial with a sporty stainless steel bracelet.

Meister Handaufzug

The Meister Agenda guarantees its wearer a masterful appearance at all times. It enables the precise planning of activities, as it displays the calendar week and is the perfect companion in your day-to-day life. Its face is characterised by eye-catching visual features: the calendar week and power reserve have their bowl-shaped place on the dial. The symmetry is rounded off by the even well-adjusted positioning of the weekday and date display. The functions on the graphite-grey dial are radiant in silver, thereby setting a fine contrast.

Meister Agenda

2015 sees the ladies’ models of the Meister collection present themselves in fine attire for your evening events. Characterised by gentle yet distinctive colour tones, they represent perfect colour harmony. With their white-polished blue or grey dials, the timepieces are a feminine interpretation of the historic archetype. Graceful Roman numerals and diamond appliqué ensure a glittering presence on the wrist – and make the Meister Ladies a true gem.

When the sun sinks lower and night falls, the heavenly bodies have exercised an unbroken fascination on people since the beginning of time. The moon, in particular, acquires a particular significance through its beauty. One feature of the Meister Kalendar is the moon phase display, which is perfected in the in house printing facility, finely co-ordinated with the hue of the case, with the luminary exclusively accentuated. The indices and hands appear simple and elegant in the pink gold-coloured case, the graphite-grey dial lending a unique shimmer.

Meister Classic

The most classic of the Meister watches, the Meister Classic, also incorporates this colour dialogue, acquiring a new, graceful facet in the process.

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