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URWERK UR-110 “EastWood”

Swiss luxury watch maker URWERK announces the launch of UR-110 “EastWood”, the final edition of brand’s popular UR-110 line. A radically different version from URWERK’s UR 110 collection, the new UR-110 “EastWood” model combines precious wood, bespoke tweed strap and attractive mechanics. This ultimate recital of the UR-110, a.k.a. the “Torpedo”, astonishes with a new, richly polished ebony bezel and modern take on tweed, blending cutting-edge technology with tailored flair and a vintage twist.

URWERK wanted a unique strap for their revamped UR-110 and the strap of this model was created by Timothy Everest who is a quintessential bespoke tailor for some of the world’s most celebrated people. Known for its durability, tweed was the textile of choice for Britain’s upper class. Today, people continue to wear new and vintage checks, some handed down to them from family members dating from before World War II. One of the patterns URWERK has chosen to incorporate on its strap is the original Prince of Wales check worn by the Duke of Windsor. Contrary to popular belief, this tweed is actually brown and blue on ivory fabric but because of being seen mainly in newspapers, was generally thought to be black and white.

Having won the 2011 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève prize for Best Design Watch, the UR-110 is at the forefront of watchmaking excellence, continuing URWERK’s radical tradition of telling the time using orbiting satellite complications.

In the UR-110 “EastWood”, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch. Three hour satellites follow a vertically arced line, graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a downward motion. Planetary gearing keeps the satellites and their arrow-shaped “torpedoes” in parallel formation as they take turns to indicate the time as they pass the 60-minute track.

This performance is made possible by means of an architecture featuring three levels of complexity:
A central carousel providing the complication with stability and equilibrium
Planetary gearing assuring the parallel rotation of the three hour satellites as they orbit the dial
The three counter-rotating hour modules – each comprising an hour satellite, minute hand and counter balance – are each mounted on a planetary gear. These three modules are in constant counter-rotation to counter the direction of rotation of the central carousel.

The UR-110’s technology can be appreciated through the large panoramic sapphire crystal. As well as indicating the hours and minutes, the UR-110 “EastWood” also features a Control Board on the dial side with indicators for “Day/Night” and “Oil Change” – URWERK’s service interval display – as well as small seconds on a sub dial. Turning the watch over, the titanium back encloses the innovative automatic winding system regulated by dual turbines.

Technical details
Model: UR-110 “EastWood”

Case in Grade 5 titanium with bezel made of precious wood
5 pieces with fair trade, Indonesian Macassar ebony bezel
5 pieces with fair trade, South African Red Ivory wood bezel
Dimensions: 47mm x 51mm x 16mm
Two-position crown (winding, time-setting) with integrated protection

Satellite complication with rotating hour/minute modules mounted on planetary gears
Control Board: “Day/Night” indicator; “Oil Change” alerting service intervals and small seconds


Calibre: UR 9.01 mechanical, automatic winding
Balance: Monometallic
Frequency:28,800v/h, 4Hz
Jewels: 46
Balance spring: Flat
Power: Single barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Uni-directional rotor regulated by double turbines
Finishing: Matting, circular graining and diamond-cuts

Tweed selected by tailor Timothy Everest

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