ArtyA “Coup de Foudre” for Valentine’s Day

The luxury Swiss watch brand ArtyA presents a special timepiece on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day. This one is not a mass-produced item, but a unique piece. And that’s precisely what ArtyA is offering in every single timepiece in its Foudroyée collection, and the creation so aptly named Coup de Foudre The ‘thunderbolt’ name is not just sales talk, either – the piece has actually been through a very high voltage electric arc, with the case bearing the marks of this passionate fire; it really has been hit by lightning, and it’s love at first sight.

Within the case, a unique dial dazzles, too, hand-made by Dominique Arpa-Cirpka. The majestic heart spans the middle, beating across the entire surface Time and its hands glide over it without ever touching it, for time has no hold over love. There could be no more exquisite and personal embodiment of this truth than the Coup de Foudre – enduring long after flowers have faded and gone.

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