Backes & Strauss Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon Pocket Watch

Backes & Strauss pays tribute to dandy Beau Brummell by unveiling s special edition pocket watch.- the Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon pocket watch – in white gold case set with two rows of Baguette diamonds, with further rows of Baguette diamonds being set concentrically on the dial. The hand wound tourbillon movement features hours and minutes, as well as a date display and moon phase indication. A mere five examples will be made, each with a bespoke chain set with Ideal Cut diamonds.

Technical details
Size: 50 x 58 mm
Case: White gold case set with 108 Baguette Cut diamonds – 11.70 carats, and 228 Ideal Cut diamonds –4.64 carats
Case Back: Open back set with 328 Ideal Cut diamonds – 5.97 carats
Case Back Bridge: Set with 150 Ideal Cut diamonds –0.74 carats
Bow: set with 18 Baguette Cut diamonds – 0.46 carats and 43 Ideal Cut diamonds – 0.69 carats
Dial: Dial set with 197 Baguette Cut diamonds – 9.67 carats
Crown: One Ideal Cut diamond “The Jewel in the Crown” – 0.12 carats
Hands: Sword-shaped hands with superwhite luminova
Movement: Flying Tourbillon FM 2001-2Hand Winding Mechanism
Display: Hours, Minutes, Date, Tourbillon & Moonphase, Day & Night
Chain: Bespoke chain set with 596 Ideal Cut diamonds – 3.92 carats
Total Carats: 1669 diamonds – 37.91 carats

About George Bryan Brummell
George Bryan Brummell aka ‘Beau Brummell’ was born in 1778 in London, the son of the future Lord North, the High Sherriff of Berkshire.It was at Eton that Brummell began to display a penchant for dandy dressing, where his daring decision to perk-up the regulation college cravat with the addition of a gleaming gold buckle won him the instant respect of his peers, whose admiration turned to adoration in the face of his quick wit and repartee. His reputation grew during a brief spell as an undergraduate at Oriel college, Oxford, to the point that he was presented to the Prince Regent who was so enchanted that he gave the 16-year-old Brummell a regimental commission in his regiment, the 10th Royal Hussars – which, with its array of elaborate uniforms designed for different occasions and famously indulgent mess behaviour, could almost have been formed with him in mind.

By the age of 24, Brummell – with considerable influence from the Prince – had reached the rank of Captain, but resigned his commission on hearing that he was to be posted to Manchester, a city he considered lacking in culture and sophistication. Soon afterwards, however, he inherited a useful fortune of around £30,000 which enabled him to live stylishly in a Mayfair apartment where he claimed to spend five hours a day simply getting dressed in his understated, yet exquisitely fitted, uniform of dark coat, full length trousers and elaborate cravat – a look which is said to have been the precursor to the modern suit and tie. The Prince became fixated by Brummell’s attitude to dress, his meticulous attention to bathing and shaving and his resulting immaculate appearance. And, when he began to imitate it, the ‘Brummell style’ was quickly picked-up by other members of high society.


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