BEDAT & Co is a Swiss luxury ladies watch brand that was founded by Madame Simone Bédat.

Inspired by aesthetic traditions of the Art deco era with femininity in mind, a BEDAT & Co timepiece radiates elegance, functionality and beauty. Thanks to the unswerving collaboration with the best ateliers of the Jura Valley, BEDAT & Co reflects 500 years of genius horological mastery in the finest art of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

The superb attention to every detail during the crafting and design process brings each BEDAT & Co timepiece poetic beauty as well as functionality that captivates every successful, independently minded cosmopolitan woman.

BEDAT & Co channels the unique aesthetic vision and belief in reconciling comfort, emotion and function into a single entity for the wrist to captivate transformative women. This is very important, as BEDAT & Co differentiates itself from the majority of the industry, which creates smaller-scale men’s watches and markets these for women.

Aside from being the Pioneer of diamond set on stainless steel, BEDAT & Co uses the top grade diamonds, which are of Top Wesselton color (F-G) and clarity VVS to VS1. Pledged to pursue the highest standards of master craftsmanship, each BEDAT & Co timepiece is stamped with the prestigious A.O.S.C.® label, the ultimate symbol and guarantee of quality and ethics, certifying the Swiss origin of all components. All BEDAT & Co timepieces are covered by an official five-year international warranty.

Madame Simone Bédat, Founder of BEDAT & Co, started the brand due to a deep desire to pay tribute to women by designing timepieces dedicated to their busy lifestyle. Highly respected for her independence as one of the rare women in the male-dominated Swiss watch industry, Mme Simone Bédat made a commitment to craft her timepieces in line with the 500-year-old Swiss tradition and to do this she gathered the best Swiss craftsmen in order to deliver her extraordinary designs.

Having spent much of her life working at the very top of the Swiss luxury timepiece industry, Mme Bédat established BEDAT & Co in her native Switzerland (Geneva). She was determined that the company would focus on delivering her vision of a brand that was established by a woman, which was itself highly unusual at the time, that would embody the needs, aspirations, and desires of women at its very core.

Today, BEDAT & Co is a successful global women fine timepieces brand with over 166 strong Point of Sales presence in US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and Middle East countries.

Bedat & Co A.O.S.C.® Certificate

BEDAT & Co has created its own quality label to guarantee the Swiss origin of all components and their manufacture. This certificate meets the most stringent manufacturing standards established by BEDAT & Co and forms an integral part of the guarantee. Each BEDAT & Co watch is manufactured and checked in accordance with the A.O.S.C.® (Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée – Swiss Certified Label of Origin).

The criteria of A.O.S.C.® are:-
1. Each BEDAT & Co watch is produced and assembled in Switzerland with original Swiss components.
2. Assembly and quality control are carried out wholly in Switzerland.
3. The movements are produced and assembled in Switzerland.
4. The outstanding finish meets the following criteria:
– BEDAT & Co hallmark “figure eight ” identifies each component.
-The crown is stamped with the “SWISS A.O.S.C.® BEDAT & Co” logo.
-The internal casing rings are in polished metal.
5. Water resistance is tested to a minimum of 5 ATM.
6. The watch is guaranteed for 5 years against any technical manufacturing defects (battery, crystals, straps are not covered by the guarantee).
7. Each BEDAT & Co watch carries an individual serial number, which permits its origin and authenticity to be established.
8. Only approved BEDAT & Co dealers are authorized to provide the BEDAT & Co International Guarantee in accordance with BEDAT & Co instructions.

BEDAT & Co Collections

BEDAT & Co devised a global brand concept based on the powerful values of differentiation, timelessness, refinement and sophistication. The collection names were an integral part of this approach and were chosen in order to reinforce these values. Each number corresponds to a philosophy or to an aesthetic principle.

Within the watchmaking world, watch names are rarely consistent with the timepiece itself or with the brand. That is why the BEDAT & Co collections carry numbers.

Representing a unique case in watchmaking, this name system endows the watch lines with a genuine sense of consistency and unity. The numbers are easy to memorize and convey a universal and powerful symbolism.

The numbers do not follow on from each other and are not associated with any particular chronological order. The first BEDAT & Co collection is thus not called No 1, which was created well after No 3 and No 7.

No 1 Collection
Created in 2003, the No 1 Collection is square-shaped and curved at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The figure 1 is often the symbol of man standing upright, of the beginning, of the point of departure, of the base. It represents the beginning, self-affirmation through action and matter. The 18th century French philosopher Pascal wrote that “the whole universe is contained within Oneness”.

No 2 Collection
The oval-shaped No 2 collection stands for union, for the meeting of two connected elements and most specifically in philosophy, for two complementary principles. It is a positive number in the Chinese culture and the ideograms often appear twice in conceiving brand names. “2” also stands for the Yin, a symbol of femininity and imagination. BEDAT & Co has indeed shown a great deal of creativity in revisiting its own identifying codes. The No 2 collection is both timeless and resolutely contemporary, two aspects that are complementary and indeed inseparably entwined within the BEDAT & Co philosophy. Embodying the quintessence of the brand values, the oval watch is unlike any other. It combines a set of matching characteristics: interior and exterior, pairs of colors, classicism and boldness.

No 3 Collection
Created in 1997, the No 3 collection features a “tonneau” shape that is curved at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. The number 3 symbolizes perfection and totality. Many religions use ternary symbolism: the Holy Trinity, the Wise Men and Jesus’ resurrection three days after his death are just a few of the thousands of examples in the Bible. The “three gems” are the pillars of faith for Buddhists. In the Kabbalistic tradition, three is the unity of all things, the mystery of intellectual initiation.

No 7 Collection
Created in 1997, the No 7 collection offers various takes on the rectangular shape, curved at 3 and 9 o’clock. The number 7 symbolized eternal life in Ancient Egypt, standing for a complete cycle. It lies at the core of many superstitions and also expresses various stages of maturity and passing generations. It represents thought, hindsight and awareness. Individuals are led to consider the impact of their actions. The number also conjures up the legendary wonders of the world.

No 8 Collection
The No 8 collection encompasses original round-shaped cases. The figure 8 is a universal symbol of perfection and infinity. It is the number of cosmic equilibrium, meaning the order of the universe, the harmony between the earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom. The figure 8 is the BEDAT & Co emblem. Symbolizing prosperity and luck, it also represents the hourglass and infinity.

Extravaganza Collection
Raising a notch in its creativity and artistic achievements, BEDAT & Co epitomizes its Art Deco spirit through the launch of its stunning haute joaillerie Extravaganza Collection. The Extravaganza Collection brings the spirit of refined classic inspiration and the elegance of discreet luxury, embodying the artistic crafts of traditional horological mastery and meticulous design. These exceptionally dazzling works of art eloquently express the inherent refinement of BEDAT & Co, giving life to its sophisticated timepieces.

The BEDAT & Co logo

The BEDAT & Co logo represents a figure eight, originally formed by the two “Bs” of Bédat & Bédat.

The figure eight is a universal symbol of perfection and infinity. It is the number of cosmic equilibrium, meaning the order of the universe, the harmony between the earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom. Within the Chinese culture, the meaning of the figure eight goes well beyond that of universal order, since it is a lucky number symbolizing prosperity. In Cantonese, “eight” is pronounced akin to “fa”, a pronunciation similar to the character meaning “to get rich”! It is often used to depict the hourglass, a sign of the passing of time.

This “figure eight” is also the company maker’s mark. It was registered on 10th February 1997 at the Precious Metals Control Central Bureau. Each part carries this mark, thereby guaranteeing its Swiss origin. Today, BEDAT & Co watches immediately stand out from the crowd, largely thanks to the figure that continues to appear on all models and in various guises especially BEDAT & Co engraving on the caseback.

Five-Year International Warranty

With the A.O.S.C.® certification, BEDAT & Co adapts a real quality approach. As a testament to the A.O.S.C.® claim, BEDAT & Co has total confidence on its products; thus the reason why the brand offers five(5) international years of warranty for all the timepieces, a groundbreaking move for the watch industry.


  • October 8th 1996: Christian and his mother Simone Bédat found BEDAT & Co. [Back in 1975, Simone Bédat and Raymond Weil joined forces in creating the Raymond Weil brand. In 1995, Simone Bédat sold her 24% stake to Mr. Raymond Weil. She left the company in July 1996 along with her son Christian]
  • 1997: BEDAT & Co presents their first collections at the Basel Show: No 3, No 7.
  • 2000: Gucci Group acquires 85% of BEDAT & Co.
  • 2003: Launch of the No 1 collection.
  • 2004: Launch of the No 8 collection.
  • 2005, Gucci became sole owner of Bedat & Co after purchasing the remaining 15% of the company.
  • 2006: Simone and Christian Bédat leave the company.
  • 2007: BEDAT & Co celebrates its 10th birthday and launches the exclusive Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL concierge service.
  • 2008: Launch of the No 2 collection. Launch of the e-boutique: BEDAT & Co becomes the first Swiss luxury watch company to open its official online boutique.
  • 2009: Malaysia-based Company Luxury Concepts acquires Bedat & Co.

Contact details

45, RUE AGASSE • P.O. BOX 126
CH-1211 GENEVA 17

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