ArtyA Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’ New Models

Introduced at Baselworld 2013, the Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’ became a trendsetter in Swiss watch industry thanks to its off-the-wall, uncompromising, and pure rock characteristics. Its origins embody the desire common to all the fully-independent brand’s designs – coming up with an emotion-packed, passionate timepiece that breaks away from traditional watchmaking codes. The Son of Sound has been made in the image of ArtyA and its designer Yvan Arpa, taking the road less travelled, far from the dictates of convention.

This year, ArtyA is introducing new generation timepieces from this successful line. Prevailing watchmaking standards are perhaps not the best way to measure the new Son of Sound Guitar Collection. By nature, these watches bear no resemblance whatsoever to existing timepieces. The Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’ really has rewritten the score.

The ‘buttons’ are made to resemble the machine heads used to tune guitars and bass guitars – or, in this case, to fine-tune the date and time and ‘play’ the chronograph. The display draws unashamedly from the repertoire of the very best inventions in watchmaking. The minutes are shown by a central sword-shaped hand, while the sweeping hour hand is displayed in a central window, on top of a date instant-jump window. A second central hand marks the chronometer time. And conducting this ensemble is a Concepto caliber especially tailored for the Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’, which goes by the name of Woodstock.

Dark side of the Rock
The Son of Sound Guitar Collection also sports four new black variations limited to 99 pieces. The first, Black Betty, is the most radical. Featuring a black case, black back and black strap, the Black Betty belongs firmly to the Gothic pantheon – with a black metal backing track, of course.

Black Betty

The second number, Black Gold 2, combines black and gold in an innovative Classic Rock register. This timepiece is dark and classy – its windows, hands, sound holes and signatures sport an ArtyOr alloy finish adorning a dial with four hand-spun genuine 5N gold strings running across it.

Black Gold 2

The third black version, Black Gold, plays alt-rock: combining the soft melody of gold on its dial, bezel and workings with the more radical black hue that is the essence of the Guitar Collection. The Black Gold embodies the forbidden union of luxury and lust; the light and the dark side of the Force – a watch that’s full of thrills for those who want it both ways.

Black Gold

There’s a fourth and final addition to the collection – is race. Only fifty of these will be made, in racing colours – red, white and black tones redolent with the feel of 1950s racetracks. Yvan Arpa has sought to create a ‘Racers Café’ universe, embodying the era in which Rock’n’Roll was born.


Unique Pieces
Yvan Arpa has turned the volume up to 11. His passion of earlier days, born out of contact with legendary groups such as Kiss and Alice Cooper, is expressed here through decidedly unprecedented new models. The Bloody Son of Sound, for instance, will not be to everyone’s taste. Its (heavy) metal grey dial and bloodstains echo the spirit of a wild concert and a wall of decibels, with the Son of Sound screaming the notes right to the final finish. It features the patented ‘Guitar’ case design, in shiny black, mounted on a black-embroidered black strap.

Bloody Son of Sound

Lastly, a unique watch – the Gold Fever – combines ‘full black’ with ‘full gold’. Dominique Arpa-Cirpka has inlaid the dial face with genuine pink gold leaf, replicating the distinctive wood grain of vintage guitars – worn through daily use and concerts, but still magnificent and sought-after by professional musicians and collectors alike.

Gold Fever

Faithful to its motto, ArtyA has pushed the envelope and created a made-to-measure strap, too – the world’s first ever ‘golden leather’ strap.

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