Blancpain Saint Valentine’s Day 2015 (Ref.3650-4944R-58B)

Swiss luxury watch maker Blancpain announces an exclusive feminine mechanical wristwatch specially created to celebrate the most revered day of love, Saint Valentine’s Day.

Christened as Blancpain Saint Valentine’s Day 2015, this limited edition timepiece displays the manufacture’s technical know-how and mastery over artistic mechanical watches.

Blancpain Saint Valentine’s Day 2015 watch

Available in a limited edition of 14 pieces, the new Saint Valentine’s 2015 model has a mother-of-pearl dial decorated with a majestic inlaid rose, a technique which demonstrate the fine craftsmanship of the master watchmakers. The dial was meticulously worked, and each petal delicately sculpted into the white mother-of-pearl.

The resulting rose in relief was then cut and dyed before being assembled on the dial. The different thicknesses of mother-of-pearl allow the colour to show through, creating a subtle palette of pink shades.

Blancpain Saint Valentine’s Day 2015 watch

The 36.8 mm diameter white-gold case is lit up with 121 diamonds. The two intertwined rows of different-sized stones are reminiscent of the brand’s emblematic double-stepped bezel, while the setting of the horn-shaped lugs and the crown complete the ensemble.

At the heart of this original two-hand model is an off-center hour movement, the signature complication of the Women collection.

On the back of the watch, the pink mother-of-pearl inlaid on the oscillating weight echoes the dial’s design. This limited edition to 14 engraved and numbered pieces is adorned with a white ostrich leather strap.

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