Victorinox Swiss Army – I.N.O.X.

Since its press launch at the Baselworld Watch Fair in March 2014, the I.N.O.X. watch has experienced a veritable success story. This runaway success is the perfect birthday gift for Victorinox, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, and its watchmaking division, Victorinox Swiss Army, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The cornerstone of this success is I.N.O.X.’s unparalleled strength. Designed to withstand unusual levels of stress, it has undergone and passed with flying colours a battery of 130 ruthless tests that far exceed the normal certification standards of the Swiss watch industry. Unusual resistance tests were developed specifically for the I.N.O.X., and no fewer than 421 prototypes were sacrificed to ensure that it could achieve and surpass the desired objectives for strength and solidity.

After four years of development and testing, the final result: a Swiss Made stainless steel watch that is second to none. Unveiled at Baselworld 2014, the I.N.O.X. was commercially launched on 01 September 2014 at Victorinox Swiss Army points of sale worldwide.

INOX is a pledge of quality. In addition to standard testing, Victorinox Swiss Army has put it through an intensive battery of 130 tests to demonstrate its exceptional resistance, among them 30 exclusively designed tests to certify INOX as a timepiece “made to last”. INOX can, for example, withstand a 10-meter drop onto a concrete surface, have a 64-ton tank drive over it, and resists two hours in a washing machine as well as a sandstorm.

It can resist variations in temperature from -51° C to +71 ° C and 12G forces of acceleration and deceleration. INOX has also been subjected to attack by corrosive products such as gasoline, solvents, oils, cleaning products and insecticides.

INOX pays tribute to Victorinox history. Its name honours an early 20th century invention that did much for the development and success of the Swiss Army Knife: stainless steel. ‘Inox’ (French for ‘stainless steel’) is synonymous with material strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. For Victorinox in particular, it marks the link between knife making and watchmaking, between the historical activity of the company, which was founded in 1884, and the manufacture of its first watch in 1989. Two key dates, two different crafts, but linked by a single philosophy: respect for Swiss know-how and its peerless standards of quality.

The watch’s case has been stamped and machined in the metal, creating a protective envelope of unsurpassed strength. Designed to withstand unusual vibration, shock and temperature changes, it has been reinforced well beyond the standards of a conventional timepiece, and is guaranteed to maintain a perfect seal underwater to a depth of 200 meters.

The dial is a single sealed piece. Indexes are not applied in the usual manner but stamped. The axis and the attachment of the hands are reinforced. The horns are protected against warping and solidified by a crossbar. The crown, too, is protected, as is the crystal by the slightly elevated bezel. And it comes with an original “bumper”—a removable protector composed of silicone and nylon that matches perfectly with the crown, the case and the back, without disturbing legibility. Useful and functional, the protector gives the INOX its unique look.

Made to last, with exceptionally strong characteristics, it remains nevertheless a harmoniously designed timepiece – compact and solid yet sleek. The steel has been subtly sculpted and polished to catch the light. The 2014 collection is available with dial and strap in black, khaki green or navy blue. All versions are equipped with a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement.

Highest Quality Standards for Ultimate Functionality
Some of the I.N.O.X. tests were so insanely extreme they merit special mention. For example, an I.N.O.X. is tested to be capable of resisting:

  • 8 tons compression under a hydraulic press; I.N.O.X. can also resist being driven over by a truck of 25 tons or a military tank weighing up to 64 tons.
  • Temperatures shocks from -57 ° to +71 ° Celsius. This corresponds to the standard set by the US Army for the manufacture of missiles.
  • Salt spray corrosion or chemical attacks by all kinds of fuels, oils, solvents, cleaning products, insecticides… including sulfuric and nitric acid solution. Again, a standard not for watches but for the military, borrowed from the US Army.
  • A fall of 10 meters onto a smooth concrete surface. This is the equivalent of a drop from a 3-floor building, with an impact speed of 50 km / hour.
  • Exposure to a flame at a distance of 5mm for more than one minute, which corresponds to a temperature of +1,200 degrees Celsius.
  • Glacial cold. The watch will function non-stop and without complaint, even when frozen in an ice cube for 168 hours.
  • Extreme conditions at a stratospheric altitude of 21,300 meters, which is twice the height at which the airliners fly.

These crazy performances also prove useful in everyday life: I.N.O.X., for example, will emerge unscathed after two hours in a washing machine… at 90° C and with full spin cycle. Given I.N.O.X.’s extraordinary robustness, one would expect it to look like a bunker. Its elegance, however, is apparent at first glance.

The refined design of the 43 mm stainless steel case is enhanced by a skilfully polished hexagonal bezel. Available in three colours (black dial and strap, khaki green dial and strap, navy blue dial and strap), it can be further personalized with a bumper. A totally new accessory in the watchmaking world, this removable protector in silicone and nylon lets you change the watch’s look to match your mood. Office, mountain, leisure and evening, nothing beats the I.N.O.X. for versatility: it can be worn anywhere, anytime.


  • I.N.O.X. has won a number of international awards and special mentions, including: ‐ WatchPro, the watch magazine of reference in the UK, chose I.N.O.X. over Rolex Deep Sea, Omega Seamaster Diver and Cartier Calibre for their “Sports Watch of the Year” award.
  • I.N.O.X. was selected by the American monthly Mens journal as one of the 53 most innovative products of the year.
  • The micro site, specifically designed to highlight the many qualities of the I.N.O.X. watch, including through videos, was designated “Website of the Day” by Design Licks, a platform showcasing the world’s most creative and inspiring websites.

Technical details
Model:  I.N.O.X.
Swiss Made

Reinforced case in stainless steel (43mm)
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment
Water resistant to 200 meters (20 ATM / 660 feet)
Removable black silicone and nylon bumper Screwed-on stainless-steel caseback

Dials and straps
Black dial, black rubber strap
Khaki green dial, khaki green rubber strap
Navy blue dial, navy blue rubber strap
Stamped indexes + luminescent hour and minute hands
Military time on the flange Date window at 4:30

Swiss-made Ronda 715

Available from
September 2014

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