Vintage VDB P 1070 Deepsea Diving watch

Germany based watch maker Vintage VDB has created a new professional dive watch that can explore the ocean depths up to 12000 meters. Vintage VDB will be testing this world record holder in real deep sea at Mariana trench, the deepest point of the earth with a team of deep diving professionals.

Comes in a massive stainless steel case, this extreme dive watch is equipped with a Swiss made Universal Geneve Microtor movement. Tested to withstand extreme pressures of the water up to 1200 bar by the Frauenhofer Institute in Ilmenau, Thuringia, the P 1070 deepsea watch will be another jewel in crown for Vintage VDB which is renowned for diving as well as rugged sports watches.

Case: Stainless Steel 46 x 55 x 25 mm
Bezel: 5 min click with markers
Caseback: engraved
Glass: plexi crystal
Crown: screwed cap
Movement: Universal Geneve Microtor
Water resistant: 12000 meters (1200 atm)
Strap: new VDB Rubber with VDB screw buckle, handmade leather strap

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