LEPSI Watch Analyzer: The Exclusive Solution for a Full Check up of Your Mechanical Timepieces

LEPSI, a brand new Swiss company has announced that they will present their exclusive instrument – Watch Analyzer – to measure the accuracy of mechanical watches at the 2014 SALON BELLES MONTRES in Paris from November 21 to 23 in Paris.

Designed for watch connoisseurs, the LEPSI Watch Analyzer can measure the performance of a mechanical watch (rate variation, amplitude, beat error) in just a few seconds.

The LEPSI Watch analyzer is an exceptional instrument that combines the highest technology with the most exquisite craftsmanship. Its reliability and the accuracy of its measurements meet the highest quality requirements of the professional watchmakers with a user-friendly and smart user interface.

LEPSI Watch Analyzer

Simple, elegant and compact, it is the first ever-developed instrument with such high measurement accuracy.

The accuracy of a mechanical watch is a key factor for its quality. Beyond “noble” materials and the public image of these beautiful pieces, collectors also admire the extraordinary mechanical performance. Just consider the accuracy of a mechanical watch that equals that of electronic instruments with as little as 0.001% deviation.

A mechanical watch has a life of its own and is subject to change over time. Mechanisms wear out, lubricants deteriorate, which will impact the watch accuracy. Today’s luxury watch connoisseurs want to better understand how their timepieces work and are eager to monitor the variations of their watch mechanism over the passing years.

Unfortunately this was impossible so far as no simple and accurate instrument was available. The LEPSI Watch Analyzer addresses this need by providing mechanical watch owners with a tool that will carry out a complete health check of their timepieces in just a few seconds.

LEPSI Watch Analyzer

Developed in Geneva by a technical team who has worked with the most prestigious watch brands, the Watch Analyzer has successfully passed the most severe quality tests. The reliability of its measurements can compare with the control instruments currently used by the best professional watch makers.

LEPSI Watch Analyzer

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurements, the Watch Analyzer calibrates its time base directly against the atomic clocks around the world.

The LEPSI Watch Analyzer takes care of a full watch collection and records all the measurements in its database. It is then possible to follow each timepiece over the years and detect when it is time for one to be serviced.

LEPSI Watch Analyzer

With its simple but elegant lines the LEPSI Watch Analyzer is both distinctive and incredibly beautiful. Noble materials like leather, steel and wood are selected by LEPSI especially for their products. Assembly and finishing are entirely handmade by craftsmen with outstanding workmanship.

LEPSI Watch Analyzer

Technical features
Dimensions: 73 x 60 x 80 mm
Compatibility: iPhone/iPad, iOS7, Android 4.0
Connectivity: Jack 3, 5 mm (No separate mains supply)

Measuring Range
Rate variation- 200 s/d to + 200 s/d (resolution 0,1 s/d)
Amplitude – 80° to 360° (resolution 1°)
Beat error- 0 to 10 ms (resolution 0,1 ms)

Price and availability
The LEPSI Watch Analyzer will be available from November 2014 in 3 colours: Ebony, Tan and Taupe. Price starts from 1099 €.

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