Tangramatic Watch Company Model 39α

Tangramatic is a young watch company originated from a quaint Sydney suburb that’s created to garner more enthusiasm for retro watches and as a respite from today’s ever­ changing technological landscape. The designs for these watches are less about being trendy and more about being creative, classical, and enjoyable to wear. The watch itself is engineered to be worth their value and directly sold to customers online.

The brand name Tangramatic came from the words tangram and automatic. Tangram is a Chinese puzzle game made up of seven polygonal shapes that can be rearranged into a pattern. While automatic came from the Greek word ‘automatos’ meaning ‘acting of itself’.

The 39α is the first watch model for Tangramatic. The scientific sounding name came from the size of the case of 39mm and from the first Greek alphabet denoting it’s the debut model. The idea behind the watch is to be inspired from the 1920s and 30s but remade in a way that’s modern and creative. There are three dial designs, Nautilus, Bauhaus, and California.

The Nautilus or the blue dial is named after the famous submarine from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The spiralling hour markers itself is inspired from the motto ‘mobilis in mobili’, meaning ‘changing in a changing environment’. In a way, the typeface used is influenced from art deco, a design style that originated from France in the 1920s.

The white Bauhaus dial is a look back from a very influential art movement in 1930s Germany. It is perhaps the most unique of all three dials, using words to replace numerals but still following the ethos of the Bauhaus movement, form follows function.

The California dial is the most vintage inspired having been around in diver watches from the 1930s. But instead of using the traditional upright alignment of the markers, it uses a type face and radial pattern similar to that used by the watchmakers Nomos and Stowa, also followers of the Bauhaus movement.

Tangramatic is launching its debut model 39α through an online crowd funding campaign. This Kickstarter campaign will launch in November 2014. Tentative prices start at $270 AUD with an expected delivery date of March 2015.

Technical details

Model: 39α

Miyota cal. 9015
28,800 vibrations per hour
10 to +30 seconds hour gain a day
Hacking seconds
Power reserve: lasts about 42 hours fully wound
Handwinding capable
Date wheel

316L stainless steel
39mm case size
Domed sapphire crystal with underside anti­reflective coating
Superluminova (different for each dial/hand combination)
10ATM / 100m / 330ft water resistance
Push­pull crown
12mm from caseback to peak of crystal
20mm lug width

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