PIAGET- The Black Tie “Vintage Inspiration” and the “Traditional Oval” Watch

Unusual shapes, vivid colours and rare materials: the Maison Piaget showed great creative daring during the 1960s and 70s through its interpretations of the free and non-conformist spirit typical of the era. This period of liberation was expressed by exploring the potential of unusual materials as well as new ways of wearing watches. Little by little, during these crazy years and thanks to these stand-out models featuring atypical designs, Piaget became the favourite brand of many celebrities and members of the international jet-set. Keenly aware of the sophisticated tastes and aesthetic expectations of these stellar clients, Mr. Yves Piaget cultivated close ties with them, regularly organising prestigious events and paying them personal visits in order to introduce exceptional timepieces.

Two models symbolising this period brimming with creativity are now being re-edited in versions embodying the same boldness so as to highlight their historical value: a jewellery watch and a men’s watch, both sculpted in gold and fitted with a hard-stone dial. Representing important landmarks in the legacy of the Maison, the Black Tie vintage inspiration and the traditional oval watch are reinterpreted in a spirit of contemporary elegance vividly reflecting Piaget’s signature aesthetic boldness.

Black Tie vintage inspiration
When this cushion-shaped watch made its first appearance, the atypical design of its case was a surprise: contrary to the prevailing norms, it was neither round, square nor rectangular – but all three in one. To create its rounded angles, Piaget elicited the exercise of refined goldsmithing on its case featuring superimposed matt and shiny surfaces to create depth effects.

Driven by a desire to innovate and to achieve the impossible on aesthetic and technical levels, Piaget never fails to pay tribute to its heritage and its daring spirit. Harking back to the appearance of hard stone dials in the 1960s, the Black Tie vintage inspiration watch was reinvented for the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris with three models in the “Extremely Piaget” collection featuring colourful lapis lazuli, jade or hard rubydials. Representing a technical feat that Piaget pioneered virtually single-handed for a long period, the crafting of these finely cut stones calls for outstanding mastery and dexterity exercised by highly experienced artisans. These three first models are now complemented by a fourth variation graced with polished black onyx giving it a distinctly Black Tie colouring, cleverly playing with vintage codes to create a resolutely contemporary look.

Black Tie vintage inspiration watch 40x45mm, in white gold 18K.Black
onyx dial. Piaget 534P automatic movement. Black alligator leather

Without modifying the unique appearance and exceptional size of the original watch, the re-edited version of the Black Tie vintage inspiration watch has been readjusted to reveal a slighter slimmer profile thanks to the use of the automatic Piaget 534P movement. The yellow gold is replaced by white gold to create a striking contrast with the intense blackness of the onyx and thereby accentuate a contemporary, masculine look that is as ever finely and expertly crafted by the artisans of the Manufacture. Each and every detail of the watch is meticulously finished, typified by the satin-brushed case-back enriched with the Piaget coat-of-arms and the immediately identifiable lines on the case. The match between the stone dial and sculpted gold gives rise to a timepiece embodying the philosophy of excellence cultivated by the Maison, as well as an insatiable appetite for a resolutely Piaget sense of style.

Traditional oval watches
From the 1960s onwards, the complete merging of watchmaking and jewellery enabled Piaget to explore the magic hard stones and gold in crafting its surprising creations. This evolution combined the noble nature of materials with a wide colour palette reflecting creative freedom through its astonishing shapes and its vivid diamond-studded colours. The abundant range of possibilities in designing women’s watches expressing Piaget’s indomitable imaginative powers. Ultra-thin calibres and jewellery watches were teamed with gold bracelets featuring ever more elaborate designs and expertise.

One watch in particular, with its oval case set with diamonds and emeralds, its jade dial as well as its distinctive, delicately engraved bracelet, became a firm favourite among the most stylish peronsalities of the decade. Interpreted in a number of variations, this model is part of the Piaget heritage and its bracelet has become an authentic brand signature.

This year’s collection inspired by this legendary watch perpetuates the tradition of Piaget goldsmithing, a skill conveyed through the beauty of a delicately crafted bracelet. The elegantly hand-crafted “palace” finish gives the bracelet an almost iridescent effect, like a wild silk ribbon embracing the curve of the wrist.

Inspired by Haute Couture methods, the reverse side of the bracelet most vividly displays the technical virtuosity of the Maison. The multitude ofassembled links creates an extremely refined overall effect, within which each part is precisely fashioned to form an incomparable light gold “fabric”. The bracelet is fitted directly to the case so as to form a single case and bracelet ensemble.

Traditional oval watch 27 x 22mm, in 18K white gold set with 24
brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.46 cts). Silver dial. Palace
decoration white gold bracelet.Piaget 56P quartz movement.  G0A40211

To highlight the jewellery dimension of this new creation, a silver-toned oval dial radiating absolute purity beautifully offsets the line of diamonds adorning the bezel. Claw setting enables each stone to play a seductive game with light.

Traditional oval watch 27 x 22mm, in 18K pink gold set with 24
brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.46 cts).Silver dial. Palace decoration
white gold bracelet.Piaget 56P quartz movement.  G0A40212

Elegance, beauty and refinement: the Piaget traditional oval watches in white or rose gold, exclusively available through boutiques, are authentic jewellery works of art that continue to elicit wonderment in their uniquely radiant way.

Black Tie vintage inspiration and traditional oval watches: two historical models from the Piaget heritage collection, revisited in present-day mode through new interpretations echoing the stylistic blossoming of the Maison during the 1960s. A period that gave rise to the Piaget look, a style that continues to exercise an inimitably bold appeal through the beauty of its shapes, allied with timeless originality and the triumph of unbridled creativity.

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