U-BOAT Classico Chrono Silver Limited Edition

Italo Fontana expresses his passion for 925 Sterling Silver in the U-BOAT Classico Chrono Silver Limited Edition.

The majority of U-BOAT pieces use advanced and unusual techniques and materials – acid baths, carbon fibre, etc. All materials interest Italo Fontana, the Creator of U-BOAT; from classic steel to titanium, tungsten, carbon, bronze, gold and ceramic. Among this variety, Sterling Silver 925 is also quite an intriguing material for Fontana.

In the new Classico Chrono Silver, he expresses his passion for it in its rough essence. The material has not received any specific treatments in order keep it raw and it will be exposed to the natural changes of time.

The concept is to have a living material inviting the owner to take care of his piece over time. Limited edition-only 150 units, the Classico Chrono Silver boasts a 48 mm sterling silver case; an approximately weight of 120 gr; a left hand sided crown; a special protective device and a central horn welded to the case. Regarding the two superimposed dials the watch comes in two versions.

One is black carbon fiber, with the other dial cut, and treated with composite beige pigments. The second model presents one of the superimposed dials in beige, with the other one cut, and treated with composite black pigments. Last but not least the handmade and hand finished dark brown calf leather strap is with a tongue buckle in sterling silver.

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