Detroit Watch Company

From original sketch to timeless design, the Detroit Watch Company celebrates the history of Detroit with each timepiece characterizing a time and a place in Detroit and honouring all that is enduring about the city and Detroiters.

With more than 30 years of design experience in watch and automotive design, the Detroit Watch Company creates timepieces combining passion for design, love of timepieces, and esteem for the city of Detroit as founded by Frenchman, Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.

Detroit was founded on entrepreneurship, and its destiny continues to hinge on the spirit that promises success for those who work hard to achieve a dream. In 1701 Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac established what would become one of America’s most storied cities, the City of Detroit.

From its humble beginnings as a fur trading post, Detroit would become one of the nation’s great industrial cities thanks to its adjacent waterways that carried products made here, to locations around the globe. The Detroit Watch Company honours that heritage, and celebrates Detroit’s future. The Detroit Watch company designs and develops fine timepieces in Metro Detroit from the highest quality components from around the world.

Founded by noted designers Patrick and Amy Ayoub in 2013, the Detroit Watch Company offers a series of limited edition timepieces crafted with the greatest detail. Its first models include the 1701 Edition, and the Pride of Detroit Aviator Edition. Each watch is powered by automatic self-winding movements in a 3 piece stainless steel case, among other features. The Detroit Fleur-de-Lys will be featured on each Detroit Watch Company timepiece, a nod to the company and the region’s founding heritage.

Patrick Ayoub, formerly an automotive designer with BMW, VW and Chrysler, applied his talents to the field of watch design in a previous venture that resulted in the creation of one of the few watches to be fully designed in America. The success of that company, and the business relationships formed with suppliers of the highest quality watch components, led Ayoub to create the Detroit Watch Company.

Amy Ayoub, presently applies her talents as a designer with a leading global entertainment content company and adds yet another design element to the joint venture of the Detroit Watch Company.

In 2014, Detroit Watch Company launched its debut edition signature timepieces: the 1701 and the Pride of Detroit Aviator models.


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