Ronda Time Center – Swiss Watch Assembly & Servicing

The Ronda Time Center, the Ticino based subsidiary of the Ronda Group, puts a firm emphasis on offering outstanding one-stop customer service in all its business activities. And watch manufacturers who entrust the company with their watch assembly will benefit from attractive logistics and further services, too.

It was back in the late 1990s that Ronda resolved to further expand its services for its customers. What was more logical in doing so than to offer its watch manufacturing clients not only quartz movements but a full watch assembly service from the same single source? And, with this aim in mind, the Ronda Time Center was established in Ticino (Southern Switzerland) in 2002 as a further subsidiary of the Ronda Group.

The Ronda Time Center assembles watches for brand-name manufacturers from all over the world. And the entire operation is performed using only Swiss movements, to ensure that the finished products can be marketed with the coveted “Swiss Made” label.

The Ronda Time Center has steadily enlarged and refined its range of services since it commenced operations 12 years ago, all to meet its customers’ wishes and needs as comprehensively as possible. One particular advantage that the Center offers here is that when processing Ronda movements, it handles the entire procurement process – including any replacements required – saving the customer substantial time and money.

With the Ronda Time Center option, manufacturers can also check the current production status of their watch assembly order at any time, and can further count on Ronda Head Office’s professional advice and support on any technical issues. Needless to say, the Center also assembles the products of other manufacturers along with mechanical movements, including chronographs.

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