Gergé Swiss Timepieces

Based in Neuchâtel, Gergé Swiss Timepieces is a young watch brand that already a noted presence in the United States, where its partnership with the car parts manufacturer, Giovanna, grants it North American visibility.

Entirely Swiss-made, testing even the official Swiss definition to its limits, its watches carry a 2-year warranty and are produced in a series of limited editions. High tensile stainless steel, 18Kt. gold, titanium and ceramic are among the materials used. In some hand-set variations, full-cut diamonds are painstakingly hand-picked for their colour and purity.

Displaying a wide variety of hues, the leather straps are all handcrafted and stitched. The symbol of infinity, whose complex interlacing represents the eternal rhythms and renewal of time, was chosen as the brand’s hallmark signature. It is engraved on each winding crown serving to bridge the past with a timeless future. Two arrow tips extend outwards in imitation of a linear sequence in space.


  • 1978: Aznavour’s jewelry and precious stones company, specializing in the design and manufacture of ladies’ and gentlemen’s timepieces, under the highly reputable Private Label renowned in the field of jewelry and watches, is established in Los Angeles.
  • 2004: The Gergé brand is created by the second generation of the company’s founders.
  • 2007: Gergé Swiss Timepieces is established in Neuchâtel, the international birthplace of watch making. Within a stone’s throw of La Chaux-de-Fonds, known as the watch making Metropolis and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since June 2009. The freshly coined epithet and title of Fritz Lang’s cult movie Metropolis (1927) are the inspiration for the Metropolis collection.

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