Slow Watch

Founded by two young entrepreneurs – Christopher and Corvin – Slow is a Swiss watch brand which produces exceptional and innovative one handed wrist watches for those who want to live life slow.

Slow Watch

Inspired by the ancient sundials, the one handed watch developed by Slow displays time with a single hand and its pure dial features no visible logo.

Designed to simplify the fast paced lifestyle of this modern era, this quartz powered Swiss made watch, which comes in 15 styles, and features an 24hour face, and its hour hand appears to move at half the speed of a 12 hour watch, whilst keeping the correct time.

Slow Watch wrist shot

Each model is unisex, 100m water resistant and exquisitely crafted in stainless steel. Although the watches are not outwardly branded, there is a discreet logo, hidden underneath the case of the watch, which simply says ‘slow’.

Slow Watch

Every slow watch has a Swiss made GMT precision quartz movement with a 24 hour dial, allowing wearers to see the entire day in one view. Available in silver, black or gold-­‐plated stainless steel, the watch comes with either a cream, black or silver face.

Stylish and interchangeable straps are available in stainless steel, Italian calf leather, canvas and nylon. Prices, inclusive of shipping, start at £190 for a slow watch with canvas or nylon strap, to £200 for leather and £230 for a stainless steel band.

Slow Watch

The substantial, but not oversized, watch suits both men and women and can be matched with both formal and casual attire. Weight is between 65g (for leather, canvas and nylon straps) and 125g (for Metal straps).


The guys behind slow watch brand are Christopher and Corvin from Germany, as well as watch designers May and Gabriele from Switzerland. They developed a watch that reflects their attitudes to life.

SLOW WATCH founders
Corvin & Cris

The 24-hour dial of the one-handed slow watch displays the entire day at a glance. Instead of the seconds and minutes displayed by conventional watches, the 15- minute intervals measured by the slow watch help us live more relaxed lives, at a decelerated paces.

Team Slow

MAY MARGOT: The Swiss watch designer is Slow’s creative director and brings more than 15 years of experience as a designer and consultant for brand development in the watch industry. A slow mindset helps her take more time to be with her son and enjoy the hobbies she is passionate about: she speaks fluent French, Swedish and English…and driving fast cars.

GABRIELE GUIDI: The 56 year old Italian-born designer brings a wealth of experience to the slow team. He has been an internationally recognised expert of the watch industry for more than 30 years and is the founder and owner of one of the most influential watch design studios. The father of three lives in Switzerland. His slow outlook on life lets him embrace the right balance between work, family and his hobbies. He is the soul of the slow watch business.

CORVIN LASK: Corvin is a real Hamburger: born and raised in Germany’s biggest port city which is home to the Star Club, where The Beatles first came to fame. Corvin was born a good while after those years and is an expert in digital marketing and sales. His slow way of life enables him to enjoy playing tennis more often and having more time for his new wife. Corvin has never owned an alarm clock in his life but says that in spite of that he has never overslept, because his ‘inner clock ticks in a pretty good rhythm’.

CHRISTOPHER NOERSKAU: Christopher is a marketing specialist who started his career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and worked more than 10 years in brand and marketing management. Originally also from Hamburg, Chris has lived for five years in Asia and recently moved to Barcelona. His favourite mode of transport is his skateboard – whether he’s going to a meeting or to the beach. Slow is a dream come true for the former field hockey national team player, because it’s a new trend that is rising up against the conventional watch industry.

SLOW WATCH Collection

Slow watch a simple, unique timepiece that is perfectly symmetrical from all angles – with top and bottom edges of the case featuring the exact same proportions. The characteristic vintage look is created by the especially hardened K1 mineral glass that is raised up a notch from the case. To ensure a crystal-clear view onto the dial, the glass comes with anti-reflection coating.


The case is die-cut from solid stainless steel and milled. The case features a special top-loader design, so that the back is fully integrated.


The logo is engraved with a precision laser onto the back of the case. Hidden inside is the Swiss-made GMT-precision quartz movement.


The 24-hour dial allows wearers to see the entire day in one view. This movement was originally created for up to four hands including the date.

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