Established by Philippe Gaso, GTO, the young watch brand from France takes its inspiration from legendary racing cars.

GTO: Genova Tecnica Orologi, is the name of a small watchmaker’s store which belonged to Philippe Gaso’s grandfather. It was founded in Italy at the beginning of the last century. GTO three letters became then the symbol of tradition. In 1983, Philippe Gaso founded a company specialized in on-board instrumentation for motor vehicles.

Designed in France, the GTO watches are inspired by a line of legendary cars. The brand also proposes a collection of jewels which are the promise of trendy fashion accessories. Much more than simple accessories, GTO models represent a state of mind, a way of life.

GTO, watch-making division of the Flip Technology group, specialist of on-board instrumentation based in Lyon since 1983, already benefits from the experience and the know-how of experts working daily on the measuring time instruments.

Time Line

  • 1930: Philippe Gaso’s grandfather opened his own watch store named “Genova Tecnica Orologi” at Genoa (Italy). He repaired and sold the first waterproof wristwatches endowed with automatic movement.
  • 1933: Opposed to Mussolini’s new regime, his grandfather joined a resistance movement, forcing his family to run the shop. They decided together to exile in Algeria to avoid fascism.
  • 1961: Philippe Gaso was born in Algiers.
  • 1962: Because of Algeria war, Gaso’s family had to leave Algeria to exile this time in France.
  • 1983: Philippe Gaso created his own company: Flip Technology Group specialized in on-board instrumentation for motor vehicles, thanks to his passion for electronics and watch-making.
  • 2014: after more than 30 years of successfully experience with Flip Technology Group, Philippe Gaso created GTO, a sporty fashion and stylish watch brand. Three letters which became the symbol of tradition, a tribute to his grandfather. In 2014, GTO brand presented its new collection of sport and fashion watches and accessories at Baselworld.


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