UHR Kraft

Based in Germany, UHR-KRAFT® offers high-quality watches with their own character, precision and quality at an attractive price. Individual design, superior craftsmanship and limited editions predestine each watch as a coveted item for aficionados and collectors alike.

UHR-KRAFT® is a brand of UK Germany UG. The brand is well positioned in the premium fashion portfolio (Price of 500 – 1500 Euros Range). UHR-KRAFT® stands for specialist know-how and expert craftsmanship, along with the love to extraordinary high-quality timepieces.

The limited edition UHR-KRAFT® watches are driven by the premium movements from the manufacturers RONDA, ISA SWISS and SELLITTA. The production and quality assurance is carried out in brand’s German facilities by experienced engineers and watchmakers.


  • 1999: The UHR-KRAFT brand sees the light of the day
  • 2003: Development of the CPS patent (Crown-Protect-System)
  • 2008: Launch of the first Dual Chronograph
  • 2009: Invention of WatchCreator “Create your own watch“
  • 2009: Start of the production “Made in Germany”
  • 201: Cooperation with “AIDA” Cruises, Export to Canada
  • 2012: Cooperation with Lufthansa Airlines. Export to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Macao, Taiwan, Slovakia
  • 2013: Special Limited Edition for Lufthansa Airlines. Export to India, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan
  • 2014: Launch of the DDA 46.5

UHR Kraft watches are being exported to many countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, France, Spain, Dubai, Greece, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Estonia.

Website: www.uhr-kraft.com

Updated on 03 Aug 2014

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