Successful and style-conscious people want to be unique in what they do, but also in their appearance. They personalise their daily lives – from their tie to their cutlery, and from their champagne to their luxury cars. Shouldn‘t this also be possible with fine luxury watches?

Based in Germany, Blaken GmbH offers unlimited options for customers who wish to own unique and personalised luxury watches. Utilising cutting edge technologies and state of the art facilities, Blaken gives fine mechanical timepieces a unique and personal edge.

A few years ago, the idea that the small town in the Sauerland region of North Rhine Westphalia would be counted among the few towns  in Germany to be associated with the top watch brands in the world was unthinkable. Blaken is now based in Menden and watches from Rolex and other premium manufacturers stop off here, before taking the world by storm as a Blaken.

Founded by Hendrik Jürgens, Blaken took almost two years of product testing, including making prototypes and analysing technological research. The end result was the as yet unrivalled quality of every Blaken and a team of precise, experienced and renowned skilled craftsmen, as each Blaken is so individual, it can only be made or created by hand. In the meantime, Blaken is now a brand itself, enjoying an excellent reputation in Europe, Asia and America and has developed from a start-up to the top company in its field.  Ideas, originality and personality are the basis of this success, along with quality and service.

Blaken takes the most expensive watches in the world and changes their appearance, turning them into unique pieces in a league of their own through stunning upgrades and custom materials. However, the breathtaking appearance of original Blaken watches is not created overnight.

A true Blaken is prepared by means of two multi-stage, high-tech processes and then coated with diamond-like carbon materials. These processes take around six weeks to achieve a quality of surface finish and hardness that meets desired standards. Both processes are extremely elaborate and complex and can therefore only be carried out in Germany. The colour options range from high-gloss polished deep black to satin anthracite, which represent timelessness and elegance in the automotive industry and the fashion sector.

Diamond-like carbon coating (also known as the DLC process) is patented and Blaken is the only company in the world to apply the process in this form. All the processes involved in the customisation procedure are controlled and monitored by specialist engineers and materials experts. As a result, Blaken watches have a perfect, jewellery-like surface with a gloss and hardness that are difficult to beat using current scientific and technological methods. Depending on the level of complexity, it takes up to six weeks for our engineers and materials experts to transform a dream watch into a hand-crafted unique piece that is one hundred percent made in Germany.

For a long time, the diamond-like carbon class of materials was only able to demonstrate its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties behind closed doors. The coatings, which are also known in various modified forms by the umbrella term „diamond-like carbon“, were originally developed to provide protection against wear in the aerospace and medical technology sectors. A micron is one thousandth of a millimetre. A standard piece of paper has an average thickness of around eighty microns.  DLC thin films, on the other hand, are only one to two microns thick, yet they are up to eight times harder than stainless steel, which is what gives DLC coatings their superlative wear and scratch resistance.

Special features of DLC coating

  • The DLC coating is just one to two microns thick
  • The DLC coating is up to eight times harder than stainless steel
  • Resistant to solvents, paints, acids and alkalis
  • Contains no allergenic metals and can be used as protection against the nickel content of steel

Even contact with chemicals such as solvents, paints, acidic or alkaline substances has no effect on a DLC coating. Low frictional values mean these coating materials are suitable for technical applications on steel or other hard metals and they are therefore an ideal protective coating for watches within the luxury segment, whether for diving, sailing, mountaineering or in business meetings.

In addition to these excellent mechanical properties, DLC coatings also have the advantage of high corrosion resistance as well as excellent biocompatibility. The material does not contain any allergenic substances and, due to the plasma process used by Blaken, it can also act as a barrier layer – for example against the nickel content of steel.

A DLC coating combines new standards of design and durability. Working with the shape of the coated component, aesthetic combinations of high-gloss polished to satin surfaces are created. The colour spectrum ranges from deep black to elegant anthracite. The idea behind Blaken was to personalise high-quality watches by expensive luxury brands and therefore DLC coating is only part of the „Blaken metamorphosis“. When implementing the individual specifications of the watch owner, Blaken also adds colour to the mix. For every detail of every watch, from the luminous dot and the indices to the bezel and crown or the hands and lettering on the dial, interesting and in some cases fluorescent colours are available, which are a vibrant expression of a totally unique style and are completely unique in the world.

Blaken & Rolex
There‘s a good reason why Rolex watches bear the crown logo. You can rely on a Rolex, whether you are above the clouds or deep beneath the surface of the sea. A  Rolex watch stands for the art of watchmaking and the highest quality, for both sportiness and elegance, for precision, passion and a high value that endures.

Blaken gives a Rolex a unique and personal edge. With its collection, Blaken pays tribute to the simple, classic design of the 1950s and 1960s. With the sleek designs of the collection‘s Rolex sports models, Blaken breathes new life into what screen icons of the time, such as Cary Grant or James Dean, loved about Monaco.

Whether it‘s a Submariner with a Nato strap, as worn by Sean Connery as James Bond in „Dr. No“, or the timeless Cosmograph  Daytona on Paul Newman‘s wrist in „Le Mans“, Blaken surprises with these  classics and gives them a completely personal touch. Depending on the level of complexity, it takes up to six weeks, using engineering skills and modern technology, to transform a dream watch into a totally personal dream watch that is one hundred percent hand-crafted and made in Germany. Blaken pays special attention to every detail according to the company‘s „One man, one watch“principle. High quality standards apply from the basic model to the finished customised Blaken.

And at the end of a series of strict controls comes that of the company‘s founder himself, without whose personal inspection no Blaken leaves workshops. The Blaken catalogue arouses curiosity and presents items of beauty, uniqueness and value, providing information about new developments and aiming to achieve one thing bove all: to stimulate the imagination and to put wonderful, sporty, elegant watches within reach. Therefore, in addition to the Blaken collection, the catalogue also presents amazing possibilities for realising customer’s own ideas jointly with Blaken, to create a watch that is as unique as its owner.

Special Editions
The Rolex Deepsea as the Blaken Deepsea by André Borchers is a particular highlight of the Kin Collection. The customised comic dial in conjunction with the typical Blaken deep black finish of the Deepsea gives the traditional Rolex a rough street-art look and reflects the crossover concept of the entire collection. The Blaken Deepsea by André Borchers is limited to seven copies worldwide, all one hundred percent handmade in German studios. The watches will be shipped in the Blaken Outdoor Box with custom engraving, replacement Nato strap, warranty card and limited edition certificate.

More Possibilities
Blaken watches are also available to those who are loyal to other brands in the same league, such as Omega, Panerai, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, among others. Blaken is committed to the brand loyalty of each customer.

Here, everything is possible: from the fine engraving of a special dedication on the case back or hands in a particular colour and shape, to the application of initials, a coat of arms or a corporate logo on the dial, right through to the placement of the luminous paint with one or more colours of choice. Following customisation of a Blaken, wristbands and watch boxes are also completely replaced, embossed or printed in line with personal specifications.

Customisation Options
Hands: The hands of a watch are always moving and draw the gaze of the wearer and other people to the hands themselves and to the centre of the fine timepiece.  They are the dynamic element of a watch and are particularly suitable for customisation as they attract attention and stand out as being different. On request, the hands can be Blaken-coated or supplied in any other colour. The colour of the luminous paint on the hands can also be modified as required.

Numerals and indices : The dial of watch has numbers and indices in line or dot format. Many watches have numerals and indices. During Blaken customisation, it is possible to change the colour of the luminous paint on numerals and indices as required. In certain cases, line and dot indices can also be replaced with custom-shaped indices or even by words in any language or character style.

Bezel and crown: Bezels on fine luxury watches are now made out of either steel or ceramic. Steel bezels can be carbon coated in the Blaken workshops so that they emerge from the customisation process in a high-gloss deep black or in matt, satin anthracite. As with all watch parts that are made of steel, Blaken can provide any other colour for the bezel. These custom design options are also available for the crown of any watch. Bezels made of ceramic or so-called Cerachrom have recessed, engraved and platinum-coated numerals which can be painted any colour required, or they can also be carbon-coated.

Dial and case back: When a high-quality watch is Blaken customised, the dial can also be carbon coated – provided it is a steel disc – but more often the desire is to have a custom colour. At Blaken, dials can be coloured in any shade required and/or permanently and finely printed, for example with names, initials, signs, corporate logos or coats of arms. Blaken can apply fine engravings to case backs, including writing, numbers and other symbols.

Wristbands: Wristbands made of steel links can be carbon coated in the Blaken workshops, as can the watch itself. On two-tone models, the wristband is often made of a precious metal band (normally gold or platinum), which is embedded into two rows of links made from stainless steel. In such cases, Blaken customisation applies only to the watch steel and not the precious metal. Wristbands provide a wide range of options for luxurious personalisation. For example, the hand-engraving of names, initials and signs are possible, as well as artistic engravings of the finest floral patterns. Anyone considering changing their wristband as part of the Blaken customisation of their watch can also place this task in the hands of our watchmakers and choose from a wide-ranging selection of alternative watch-straps made of various colours of vulcanised rubber, leather or nylon (Nato) straps.

Watch boxes
Watch lovers know that it not just a question of the intrinsic value, but also what you like looking at and how it looks. And although Blaken watches are resistant, indeed almost fortified against external influences due to their upgraded properties, a Blaken needs an appropriate place to retreat to when it is not being worn or when it goes travelling. Also, as an almost princely gift, it should be housed well, in safe and beautiful surroundings. Blaken watch boxes in deep glossy black can carry the name of the owner or their initials or coats of arms engraved in silver or white.

Outdoor boxes
Adventurers, explorers, mountain climbers and deep-sea divers, but also safety conscious men and women who enjoy Blaken watches under more normal circumstances can receive on request, a personalised outdoor box with a specially developed interior design. Outdoor boxes – practically indestructible, waterproof and fitted with their own pressure valve – are used by the US Army to transport sensitive optical equipment undamaged through turbulent operational areas.

Individual configuration service is also available via the Blaken online portal so that every Blaken is indeed unique and distinctive. This allows the customer to work out and specify in detail the features and design of the watch.

Contact details
Blaken GmbH
Schwitter Dorfstraße 15
58708 Menden | Germany

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