Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes Icon

The Icon Collection from Meccaniche Veloci celebrates a return of the past. The Quattro Valvolve 48 Four Strokes with four independent sapphire crystals was the model that made the name of Meccaniche Veloci in the exclusive watch sector. Years later, with requests from watch lovers, VIPs and sports personalities who became fans of this model, the Quattro Valvole is back.

Of course, history never repeats itself in exactly the same way and Meccaniche Veloci, a brand that prides itself on its investment in innovation and research, couldn’t launch a pure copy of the old version.

The Quattro Valvole Icon, with its distinctive design of the upper part of the case left free of glass and the four dials protected by separate crystals, has been crafted in high performance modern materials capitalizing on the brand’s knowhow developed over recent years. Titanium of the upper surface of the case has been crafted with unconventional finishing or is covered with ceramic or carbon fibre. The four dials are made of either carbon fibre or colour combinations that are a reminiscent of the very first models of the Quattro Valvole watches.

The Icon version of Quattro Valvole is a completely Swiss Made watch, not only the four independent movements housed in the four dials. Naturally, the watch is finished with the distinctive wrist-strap fixed directly onto the case.

Technical details
Model: Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes Icon

Four independent ETA 2671 mechanical automatic movements

Four time zones – hour, minutes, seconds – date

Case, dial and strap
Case: Made of natural titanium
Back case: Made of titanium, sealed with screws
Case Diameter: 48 mm
Dial: In titanium
Sub Dials: Four, made of carbon fibers
Strap: Rubber, fixed directly to the case
Buckle: With tongue, in titanium
Case crystal: Four independent case crystals

Also available in the Due Valvole version


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