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Founded in 1988, the company created and still headed by Michel Jordi is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, marking a quarter of a century of dedication to watchmaking, innovation and launching new concepts. JORDI Swiss Icon is the quintessence of a lifetime devoted to watchmaking, innovation and launching new concepts.

Swiss Icon Watch
Released in autumn 2011, the collection is a natural extension of this remarkable journey. Indeed, it sums up the quintessence of Michel Jordi’s career, putting together his experiences, his encounters and his inspirations.

Through JORDI Swiss Icon and its universe, he pays tribute to his native country, displaying its most spectacular aspects. This unique watch with its smooth, ergonomic shape inspires dreams and invites people on a journey far off the beaten track.

This exceptional concept captures the very essence of tranquility and serenity. It offers a chance to merge with nature, far from the madding crowd. Everything that today represents true luxury.

The Luxury of Time
The Swiss Icon Watch represents the luxury of being oneself, extending an open invitation to return to roots. It was created for people with a pioneering spirit, who are proud to affirm their own style.

Jordi – Icon of the World “Genève” Pièce Unique

A visionary individual
More than just an entrepreneur, Michel Jordi is a standout personality. This watchmaker’s son, born in 1948 in Grenchen studied marketing and management – first in Switzerland and thereafter in England, prior to spending some time in Japan at age 23. Upon his return to Switzerland in 1971, he created his first company and soon became known for his independent, iconoclastic spirit.

One may indeed speak of a veritable “Jordi dynamic”, based on a constant determination to create and to pursue this path with the same ardour and authenticity. As the wise saying ascribed to Confucius expresses it: “The greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.

Michel Jordi surprises, inspires. One of those rare men who never fails to make an impact, he is naturally recognised by kindred spirits born with a similar sense of daring and a resolutely enterprising attitude.

A star is born
In 1986, Michel Jordi created “Le Clip”, a watch worn anywhere but the wrist. The following year, this innovation won him the European Award for Excellence in Monte Carlo. Launched at the Montreux Jazz Festival, “Le Clip” has been worn by some of the most famous musicians of the 20th century, including Quincy Jones, Al Jarreau, Carlos Santana, Chaka Khan, George Benson and many others who adopted it. After Europe, Le Clip was presented in New York. At the launch, the evening was immortalised by the presence of that most celebrated of guest stars – Andy Warhol, in person, who clipped it everywhere including on his glasses. Michel Jordi’s company achieved a CHF 25 million turnover in its first year, with three million “Le Clip” watches sold in as many years: a true tidal wave.

A date with destiny
Three years later, Michel Jordi once again proved his mettle as a trendsetter. In 1989, at the dawn of Switzerland’s 700th anniversary, he launched the Swiss Ethno Watch. This is a success story that brought him international renown. The numbers speak for themselves: 500 000 watches sold in ten years and 80% of brand recognition in Switzerland.

Joining the Fine Watchmaking circle
2004 marked Michel Jordi’s entry to the world of Fine Watchmaking with the Twins Heritage collection – the first double-decker watch that opens like a fan, and boasts two time zones and movements with complications, including the world’s smallest mono-pusher chronograph movement. This innovation was highly acclaimed in the United States, in Europe, in Russia and in Asia. The owners of these masterpieces include the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, the former King of Saudi Arabia, as well as German TV presenter, Thomas Gottschalk.

The Quintessence of a lifetime
This timepiece with strong aesthetics pays tribute to Switzerland’s natural beauty. With its paper-cut design on the dial and bracelet, this work of art is a blend of traditional art and contemporary design. This is a powerful source of inspiration no matter where one finds oneself in the world.

JORDI Swiss Icon – Chronograph Blazing Sun

The JORDI Swiss Icon collection consists of five lines, each with its own individual, strong identity:-

1. Icons of the World
Fine Watchmaking collection driven by a finely crafted Manufacture movement developed by one of the most talented Swiss master watchmakers around, Jean-François Mojon. These watches feature Alarm function, hand-winding movement with 72 hours power reserve and a unique day/night disc, which gives each watch its iconic character. It further features a remarkable gong-striking mechanism. Instead of the usual vibrations of the case back, a hammer strikes the gong at a low frequency of 2Hz, reminiscent of the cadence of the ringing of a mountain chapel bell.

Equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement featuring a 360° oscillating weight and powering a big date display at 12 o’clock.

3. Automatic Collection
Mechanical self-winding models with big date display at 12 o’clock.

4. Mega Icon
A collection with the hour and minute hands of the second time zone at 6 o’clock, big date display at 12 o’clock, quartz movement.

5. Lady Icon
A unique and distinctive collection for modern, elegant women, quartz movement.

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