Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

Swiss watch brand Oris unveils the new ProDiver Pointer Moon model with a black rubber strap.

Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

Also available with a stainless steel bracelet, the Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon is the first mechanical watch to indicate the lunar cycle and the tidal range.

This exceptional dive watch crafted in a multi-piece titanium case offers a water resistant up to 1,000 metres. Equipped with an automatic mechanical movement based on Sellita SW220, this professional grade diving timepiece offers pointer moon function and date display at 5 o’clock.

Daily tides are created by the moon’s gravitational force pulling the water in the Earth’s oceans towards the moon, forming a tidal bulge.

As the Earth rotates on its own axis every 24 hours, each tidal bulge is carried from beneath the moon’s direct gravitational pull, causing tidal currents as water moves along the ocean floor. This interaction of forces is subject to constant changes, with the moon rotating around the Earth in 29.53 days, the Earth’s rotation and the constellation of sun, moon and earth.

Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

The Moon exhibits different phases as the relative position of the Sun, Earth and Moon changes, appearing as a full moon when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth and as a new moon (dark moon) when they are on the same side. When the Sun and Moon are aligned on the same side of the Earth, the Moon is ‘new and appears invisible from Earth as it is not illuminated by the Sun.

The time period between two new moons (a Lunar month) is 29.53 days – or to be even more precise 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes. Knowledge of the lunar cycle and the resulting tide range and tidal currents as a consequence is important for sailing, fishing, scuba diving and other water athletes, as well as to commercial divers.

The first to have captured the lunar cycle and its gravitational forces in a mechanical watch, Oris engineers have designed a timepiece which shows the lunar cycle and its relative impact on the oceans’ tidal range.

Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

The phases of full moon and new moon occur when the Earth, Moon, and Sun lie (approximately) in a straight line. When in this alignment, the gravitational forces causing tides at their most powerful. This stage of the lunar cycle sees much stronger tide ranges and tidal currents (spring tides) than with a waxing or waning moon.

The unique dial of the Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon displays the lunar calendar on its outer edge as well as visualizing the moon’s phase. The light grey circles indicate the level of gravitational force, in maximum (max), average (avg) and minimum (min). The orange “figure of eight” reveals the gravitational force present at the respective moon’s phases.

By setting the orange hand on the current lunar date, here at day 20, the respective tidal range is indicated as a minimum to average level on the day in question. This allows the commercial diver to know the force of the tidal current on any particular day. However as specific tidal range varies from one location to another and is different on the northern and the southern hemisphere, Oris has developed two different dials.

The new Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon is a compact and high quality timing instrument, which indicates the tidal range and lunar cycle at a glance. The satined, scratch-resistant ceramic inlay of the unidirectional revolving top ring has an engraved 60 minute scale, with individual white enamel minute markers.

The white Super-LumiNova® applied to the hands and indices, not only gives excellent visibility underwater but also offers one of the longest lasting luminosities of all Super-LumiNova® colours.

The durable stainless steel screw-in security crown is protected against knocks by a stainless steel DLC-coated safety barrier.

The Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon features also an automatic helium valve. The automatic, self-regulating helium valve allows for the release of helium particles and prevents decompression damage to the watch following the dive.

The titanium case back of Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon carries a special set of engravings with a metre to feet conversion scale which goes up to 1,000m/3,281 ft. This conversion scale allows for rapid calculation by divers working in countries where both metric and imperial measurements are used.

Rotation Safety System is another  Oris Innovation. The stainless steel screw-in security crown is protected against knocks by a stainless steel DLC-coated safety barrier, build along the distinctive Oris Aquis horns.  When in the start position, the specialist rubber top ring can be turned whilst the black ceramic timer scale remains locked.

Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

The rubber top ring can be lifted to release the timer scale. When the timer scale is released, the top ring can also be turned anticlockwise to move the ceramic timer scale and set the diver timer. Pushing the top ring down until the ‘click’ locks the bezel into the start position and secures the timer function.

The rubber strap has been designed with an “anchor”, an additional safety feature to prevent the watch from falling off the wrist.

The folding clasp on the rubber strap allows an easy and quick adjustment. When putting the wetsuit on, the rubber strap can be easily widened.  The ‘sliding sledge’ of the clasp for the rubber strap can be rapidly adjusted without opening the clasp to guarantee a perfect fit when underwater pressure makes the wetsuit less voluminous.

Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon set

The new Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon version with a rubber strap comes in a special waterproof case as a set comprising a replacement titanium bracelet. The box also includes a set of tools to change the strap and a certificate containing full details of this latest invention in the world of professional divers’ watches.

Technical details

Model: Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon with a Rubber Strap

Ref. No. 761 7682 7154 Set, Ø 49.00mm, Northern Hemisphere
Ref. No. 761 7682 7134 Set, Ø 49.00mm, Southern Hemisphere

Oris Calibre 761, base SW 220-1
Automatic winding movement with date and pointer moon developed by Oris
Dimensions: Ø 25.60 mm, 11 1/2’’’
Centre hands for hours, minutes and seconds, moon phase by centre hand, date window, instantaneous date, date corrector, fine timing device and stop-second
Vibrations: 28’800 A/h, 4 Hz
Jewels: 26
Power-reserve: 38 hrs

Centralised second, minute, hour and pointer moon displays

Multi-piece titanium case, water resistant to 1,000 metres
Diameter: 49mm
Lug width: 26mm
Screwed case back with metres-feet conversion scale
Sapphire crystal domed on both sides with inner anti-reflective coating
Diver’s unidirectional revolving top ring with minute scale on black ceramic inlay
Protected screw-in crown

Black dial with applied indices and hands, both with Super-LumiNova® inlay

Rubber strap with folding buckle and easy adjustment extension

Set includes waterproof case and a titanium bracelet with tools to exchange

Swiss Retail Price
CHF 3,200.00/Set

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