MARBEN Watches – Mechaniker, Kurve and Elf Tourbillon Collection

Swiss watch company ZASPERO SWISS LLC revives the historic watch brand MARBEN, which was once owned by Marcel Benoit S.A. Bienne.

The brand name was originally founded by Swiss citizen Marcel Benoît in 1940s. The representative brand name MARBEN of Marcel Benoit S.A. derived from the first three letters of the founder’s first and family name. (Marcel Benoît → MAR–BEN).

MARBEN Watches

Marcel Benoît was born 1898 in a small village called “Romont” in canton Bern, Switzerland. Although he studied Painting during his academic career, he was always fascinated by mechanical watches. The harmonic relationship between Art and Mechanics was exactly the right combination, which he had missed in painting. Marcel Benoît had the idea that people might use a watch to keep special moments of their life.  Driven by this thought, he had spent his time in studying mechanical watches.

In 1938, Marcel Benoit founded his first own company Marcel Benoit S.A in Biel/Bienne, the watchmaking centre in the Swiss canton Bern.  Just one week after the end of the World War II, on 10th September 1945, the brand MARBEN was founded.

After 2 years of Marcel Benoit S.A. foundation, Marcel Benoit registered MARBEN as a brand name on 20th January 1947 in Switzerland. In addition, MARBEN was registered internationally as a brand name by the company Marcel Benoit S.A. on 30th September 1949. The first advertisement on 1950 showed a men’s watch with brand name MARBEN on the dial. Below the company name was mentioned: MARCEL BENIOT S.A. Bienne.

MARBEN Watches

In 1946, Marcel Benoit S.A. moved to Rue Dufour 97, Biel/Bienne and launched the first collection “Mechaniker”, which was characterized by timeless perfection as well as pioneering spirit. Additionally Mr Benoit emphasized an emotional aspect into his first collection as well as creating oversize design and experimenting new material. Still today, the watch collections bear his unmistakable hallmark.

MARBEN vintage watch

Marcel Duchamp, the maestro in the postmodernism painting era, created identity by expressing creative ideas and methods into existing objects. A unique way of art, that left a strong impression on Marcel Benoît. The influence from Marcel Duchamp caused a focus that led Marcel Benoît to apply postmodernism art into Marben watches. In the beginning Marcel Benoît S.A. produced and targeted premium and high-end watches with limited quantity.

However, after buying Gerol watches S.A. in 1949, Marcel Benoît S.A. launched more watch brands (Belmar, Marbel, Nufuda) and expanded the collection range as well. With the new product line-up and brands the company’s sales increased rapidly.

The watches produced by Mr Benoît have been quite typical for these times, which show his good taste as well as his business sense. Nevertheless, the business was only successful during a short period of around 30 years, late in the 1970s.

Due to the lack of innovation and strength, Mr Benoît wasn’t able to lead his company through the Swiss watch crisis of the 1980s. Then, in the absence of an heir wishing to make a career in watching making, it was acquired by ZASPERO SWISS LLC which is the prestige timepieces maker on early 2010s.

MARBEN Watches

At the beginning of the 2010s, MARBEN became part of ZASPERO SWISS LLC. The company decided to retain exclusive possession of its expertise and committed itself to the production of grand complication wristwatches in the purest traditional style, in the same spirit as those that Marcel Benoit and his successors had made more than half century earlier. MARBEN enabled both the culture and the art of traditional watchmaking to survive and make progress.

MARBEN Watches

During Baselworld 2014, the brand announced three new watch collections: Mechaniker, Kurve and Elf Tourbillon.

MARBEN Watches Mechaniker Collection
Mechaniker Collection

Mechaniker Collection: The Mechaniker collection has been reinterpreted and equipped with the in-house movement. Throughout its rich history and know-how, MARBEN has been conspicuous by its capacity to develop outstanding movement.

MARBEN Watches Kurve collection
Kurve collection

Kurve collection: The Kurve collection is the most classic collection and expresses the motif of MARBEN, namely the combination between art and mechanics. The collection is characterized by capricious and concise design. Their pure lines, clear dials and fine cases combine essentials with timeless elegance.

Elf Tourbillon collection: The Elf Tourbillon collection is the first watch with an automatic rotating dial, which is operated by kinetic energy. In addition, the collection at the pinnacle of the watchmaking art, encompassing the brand’s most complicated models and reflecting ZASPERO SWISS LLC’s know-how and innovative power.

MARBEN Watches Elf Tourbillon collection
Elf Tourbillon collection

With its masterpieces, grand complications, discreet appearance and precious materials, ELF TOURBILLON collection has consistently represented since its very conception a range of values firmly rooted in the brand’s heritage.

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