Maison Patek Philippe Beijing Celebrates Grand Opening

The recently unveiled Maison Patek Philippe Beijing at Ch’ien Men 23 is the second Maison Patek Philippe in the world.

In October 2012, the Prestigious Geneva watch manufacture opened the world’s first Maison Patek Philippe in Shanghai. This is located in the historic Bund area, at the heart of Shanghai.

The name Maison Patek Philippe clearly demonstrates Patek Philippe’s innovative outlook and commitment to tradition.

Comparable to a Patek Philippe Salon in both status and function, the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing aims to uphold the brand’s history, philosophy, and values. It also embodies the latest triumph after many years of collaboration between Patek Philippe and its long-time partner, the Melchers Group, since Patek Philippe entered the Chinese market in 2005.

Present at the opening ceremony, Honorary President Mr. Philippe Stern and President Mr. Thierry Stern reviewed the independent, family-owned Geneva watch manufacturer’s 175 years of history, introduced the style, positioning, and service philosophy of the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing and affirmed once again Patek Philippe’s long-term commitment to and confidence in the Chinese market.

In Chinese, “Maison” is translated as “Yua n Di”. In addition to being a nod to its geographical location Waitanyuan, the word “Yuan”, meaning “origin” in Chinese, also symbolizes “new beginnings” and “the origin of all things”.

The second word, “Di”, means “mansion”, indicating the building’s rich history and the Maison’s distinguished status. Taken together, the name “Yuan Di” is a testament to Patek Philippe’s determination to uphold tradition while breaking new ground in China. This vision will further evolve as the brand continues to establish itself in China.

Now, after six months of renovation, the original Patek Philippe location in Beijing has been fully expanded and transformed into the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing, exemplifying the connotations behind the name — a “mansion of prestigious origin”.

The Maison Patek Philippe Beijing is located amid a historical enclave of consular residences at Ch’ien Men, one of the city’s most renowned cradles of culture and the arts, making it commensurate with the Maison’s Chinese name, “Yuan Di.”

Patek Philippe has imbued tremendous passion into the project, as illustrated by the strategic choice of the location and its cultural connotations. As Patek Philippe’s only Maisons in the entire world, the Maisons in Beijing and Shanghai are comparable to the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva, London, and Paris in both status and function.

Each Maison holds the complete Patek Philippe current collection and combines an exclusive, artistic atmosphere with a dedication to service in order to provide guests with the most fitting opportunity to truly experience and appreciate the world’s finest timepieces. It is Patek Philippe’s wish that these efforts will best convey the essence of the brand’s 175 years of rich history to each and every visitor.

The Maison Patek Philippe Beijing, like its counterpart location in Shanghai, was conceived and guided to completion as a result of the strong involvement of the Stern family. Every detail of the Maison, expanded from 300 m2 to a floor area of 500 m2, embodies the brand’s aesthetic quality.

The façade of the Maison maintains the neoclassical elegance of the building’s former role as a consular legation. All aspects of the interior design, from its overarching style to the furniture and minute decorative details, are the work of Mrs. Gerdi Stern, mother of President Thierry Stern.

Under Mrs. Stern’s guidance and the work of Parisian interior design firm AW², the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing authentically reproduces the distinctive European styles, taking reference from the Patek Philippe Geneva Salon and the Maison Patek Philippe Shanghai. In addition to incorporating classic Patek Philippe elements, the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing has a truly unique air to it that manifests the brand’s exquisite aesthetics in countless details.

All furniture, carpets, fabrics, and artistic ornaments were custom made in France, Belgium, and other regions of Europe. Moreover, the walls of each room are adorned by paintings of rustic scenery from throughout Europe, radiating the European spirit of the Patek Philippe brand.

Upon entering the reception area on the first floor, guests are greeted by portraits of founders Mr. Patek and Mr. Philippe, executed in a traditional European refinement that recalls the legendary encounter between the passionate Polish businessman and the talented French watchmaker over 170 years ago.

The round sofa, bronze statue, and crystal chandelier lend a sense of solemnity and elegance. The southern passage, which was transformed into a lounge, is bedecked with shelves of art and antique volumes from Europe covering subjects ranging from travel and food to literature and history.

All books were carefully selected for the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing by Mr. and Mrs. Stern themselves, who also finalized the shelf displays. The first floor was designed to fulfil Honorary President Philippe Stern’s vision of greeting guests with a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere and allowing visitors to feel at home before appreciating the beauty of Patek Philippe’s timepieces.

In the gallery on the second floor, selected Patek Philippe timepieces are on display in a six-meter long glass showcase, as well as in eight surrounding display cases. The sales hall, located to the left, leads to two VIP rooms at each end containing standalone display cases for exhibiting grand complication watches and other exquisite limited-edition timepieces.

A round sofa and a bronze sculpture sit at the center of the sales hall, while four sales desks stand at each corner. This arrangement, similar to that of the sales hall at the Geneva Salon, exudes an authentic salon ambiance and lends itself to offering guests exceptional and luxurious service.

As a leading Geneva independent watchmaker, Patek Philippe has made it its mission to pass on the Swiss and more specifically Genevan watchmaking heritage. Now, Patek Philippe has yet again awed guests with the experience of genuine Swiss tradition by deftly incorporating a Swiss Garden theme into the opening ceremony.

The verdant 3000 m2 lawn at Ch’ien Men 23 was transformed into an Alpine wonderland dotted with butterflies. While sitting at wooden tables, guests sampled traditional Swiss chocolate, cheese fondues, and other delicious treats in the midst of carnation, Star-of-Bethlehem, and culantro blossoms set against a backdrop of mooing cows, forming a uniquely melodic pastoral ambiance.

The opening ceremony was not just a celebration of the rebirth of the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing. It also marked the unveiling of Ref. 5153, a limited-edition timepiece of exceptionally refined craftsmanship. The watch is endowed with a classic Calatrava officer case.

Patek Ref. 5153 – Yellow Gold/ Image Courtesy : Patek Philippe

On the dust cover, the year of establishment of the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing and the building’s delicate outline are engraved alongside the commemorative text Maison Patek Philippe Beijing Inauguration 2014, a keepsake embodying the brand’s dedication to Beijing.

Available in white and yellow gold, in a limited edition of 25 pieces each, the clean, classic Ref. 5153 will quickly become a guest favourite.

Patek Ref. 5153 – White Gold/ Image Courtesy : Patek Philippe

Since 1839 and without interruption Patek Philippe has been perpetuating the tradition of Geneva watchmaking. As the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, it enjoys total creative freedom to entirely design, produce, and assemble what experts agree to be the finest timepieces in the world.

The company’s classically elegant watches are proudly handed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to its exceptional know-how, Patek Philippe maintains a tradition of innovation hailed by an impressive repertoire of more than 80 patents.

Patek Philippe celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2014. A commemorative event with limited editions celebrating the anniversary will take place in October 2014 in Geneva.

Patek Philippe in China: Main Milestones

– Service-oriented market strategy and long-term commitment
– Successful, long-term partnership with long-standing partner Melchers Group
– Strategy of long-term investment and dedication to professional customer service

  • 2005: Patek Philippe first entered the Chinese market
  • 2005: Opening of a Patek Philippe Boutique in Shanghai
  • 2008: Opening of a second Patek Philippe Boutique in Beijing
  • 2009-2013: Customer service cases have more than doubled in China
  • 2012: Opening of the Maison Patek Philippe Shanghai
  • 2013: Opening of the Patek Philippe Institute Shanghai
  • 2014: Opening of the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing

The Maison Patek Philippe Shanghai
A Patek Philippe Home Away from Home

  • October 2012: Grand opening of the world’s first Maison Patek Philippe, in Shanghai
  • More than two years of restoration and significant revamping
  • Replacing the Patek Philippe Boutique opened in Shanghai in 2005
  • Located at 33 Waitanyuan in the historic Bund area of Shanghai
  • In former British Consul Residence dating back to 1882 and classified as Historic Monument
  • Covering an area of 1,227 m2on two floors, including 9 rooms and an exhibition hall
  • The original Service Center was also upgraded

The Patek Philippe Institute Shanghai
Full-Fledged Local Customer Service Center

  • September 2013: Official opening of the first Patek Philippe Institute abroad
  • To provide outstanding customer service in China, similar to that available in Geneva
  • Commitment to lifelong servicing and restoration for all Patek Philippe timepieces
  • Major upgrade of the original Service Center in Shanghai
  • Located at Yifeng Galleria with entirely independent space of nearly 1,000 m2
  • 30 after-sales employees, including watchmakers and sales staff
  • 8 locally recruited apprentices following two-year in-house training program

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